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Saturday, August 6, 2011

How to preserve Freshly Cut Rose Flowers

Freshly cut Rose Flowers
 Rose flower is one of the most beautiful and fragrant flowers. It requires sunlight and care to give healthy and happy blooms. Rose flower are available from rose plants or rose bushes.Personally I like the bushes variety since they give a bucket full of flowers! not literally but they are always laden with so many flowers , it is a wonderful sight. If you have rose bushes then there is no way you would not let nature into your living room!  I love to cut fresh flowers and display them in the living room or the kitchen. Immediately the rose flowers transform an boring environment to a lively one.
Purple Rose Flower
 There are certain rules to be followed to get best results from display of freshly cut flowers. Cut the flowers when they have bloomed fresh as they will last longer than if you allow the flower to remain in the sun.
Heavenly Pink Rose Flower
 Cut the rose flowers just a little below the stem with some leaves also. This will encourage healthy growth of new shoots from the cut portion later. If you decide to cut flowers take sharp scissors to avoid trauma to the plant.
Beautiful Red Rose
 You can take a wide mouthed vase or tall vase depending upon the area you have to display your roses. If you have  a metal urn then you may need to trim the stems further to have the rose flowers float. Some people also prefer to float the rose petals as a welcoming gesture during functions and weddings.
Close up of  Red Rose Flower
 If the flower has just bloomed you cut it during early morning and avoid its exposure to direct sunlight. Put it in a clean transparent vase for best effects. Select the colour of your vase according to the colour of rose flowers to get dramatic effects. Some times I put some salt and sugar crystals to provide healthy nutrients and salts to the flowers. I have also read that some people put Crocin tablets or paracetamol tablets in water to preserve freshly cut flowers in water for long.
Fresh Red Rose Flowers on Bush

Second Day Red Rose Flower
 This photograph is of the second day of blooming of the rose flower and you can see how the petals have become a bit loose. As days pass they will drop off petal, by petal and leave a barren seed center. So if you need to display roses remember to cut fresh flowers early in the mornings.
The Perfect Red Rose
Tip- Keep changing the water daily to maintain your freshly cut roses for long and they may last for about a week if cared for. Avoid direct exposure to heavy wind and air conditioning. Keep the flowers away from the fan, AC vent and window.
Once some portion of the flowers have dried you can trim the dried petals and again clean the vase and  keep the same flowers in fresh water. This will increase their life as the dried petals rot and will damage the remaining flower also. I use this slimy water to feed other plants as it is full of nutrients.
After you rose flowers have dried you need not throw this remains , use it to fertilize the other plants and put the flowers mulch into any pot and use this as a fertilizer.
Cut them and display them or buy that perfect bunch of rose and preserve them for long. Roses are a sure way to enliven your home environment and improve your mood. No wonder they are called the king of flowers!

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