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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Cactus Plant

Whenever we say cactus the first thing that comes to our mind is thorns. Well not all cactuses have thorns and I have one which is tall and does not have any thorns. I will have to search for a name as I have had this plant for long and it is growing well. First the stems were a bit lanky and it needed support. Then I have cut the tall shoots so that it can stay on its own.
This cactus plant is very easy to grow and propagated by its baby plants. The plant itself spreads from side of the original plant and we can see the baby plants that come up from side. Each baby cactus plant can be grown separately to get new plants.
This is a strange cactus plant as there are no visible thorns. It grows as a hardy stem and has smooth surface. With its dark green colour and tall stature it sure is a unique plant. Since this is a a variety of cactus I believe it stores water like other cactuses and hence does not require much water.
A very simple plant it also does not require much care and takes care of its self.
The stem on cutting one can see is hollow just like a wooden bamboo. Looks similar to bamboo and is also hard and strong like it.
In feng shui it is not advisable to keep thorny plants and even they have a no no for roses! but this cactus plant is very strong and tall and also does not need any support. Also this does not have any thorns and it also sturdy. So it is a welcome plant in the garden. It does take a special place in the garden as it looks and is unique. When we think of garden design and landscaping such plants work wonders to our garden design as they are different from the common leafy plants. And even I have selected this because of its uniqueness and of course it looks attractive, a green tall wooden bamboo like plant with shaded dark green ridges.

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