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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Beautiful Lime Green leaved Indoor Plant/ Chinese Evergreen

Open leaves of Evergreen green plant

Close up of green leaf developing
 This is a miracle plant. The name is aptly given Chinese Evergreen. Why I say so because the original leaves develop in dark green first and later on they change colour into a very attractive lime green. This plant can be grown indoors and does not tolerate direct sunlight. The leaves turn yellow and the plant in form of protecting itself closes its leaves together. I had place this plant in a place where it got direct sun for some time and I have observed that the plant in form of protective measure closed its leaves as if in folds and was alive but in restricted manner. It looked tall and with less foliage.
As I shifted it to a comfortable position in the garden it opened beautifully as if like a happy flower. The leaves are in progress of turning green and simultaneously we can see dark green as well as light green leaves on the same plant.
This plant is a very easy growing plant and many choose this plant because of its no maintenance care. Since this plant is maintenance free many people who do not have  a green thumb can opt for growing this plant with success.
The stem of this plant is mushy and full of juices. Hence this plant does not require much water and can tolerate periods of dryness. It retains water and can grow well with cuttings. This plant is a very fast grower and need regular trimming to maintain its shape. Trimming the dead leaves will keep its beauty intact and it will look ever fresh and lime green. A very attractive plant this is seen commonly in offices to create a pleasant and cheerful environment.
This plant is very often used in garden landscaping to make attractive designs and break the single colour green in the garden. They can be a focal point in any garden as they look beautiful like a bouquet of flowers in the pot. A very good plant for offices as they can tolerate Air conditioning and remain fresh and evergreen.You can make it grow as a tall plant by trimming the side shoots immediately. And if you wish to make it grow bushier and fuller then cut the stems and transplant it on the side of the same pot and it will grow beautifully and in a very attractive indoor plant.
Tip – Grow it in a wide mouthed pot since the plant spreads from side. You can also grow it as tall plant if you cut the extra leaves coming out from the sides. Requires trimming if you need it to grow in a specific arrangement. If you have this plant indoor it will benefit from few rounds outside to get fresh light and maintain its healthy glow.


  1. The leaves of this plant are wilting and drooping can you advise a reason for this?

    1. Bhavna, the Chinese Evergreen plant easily over grows roots and needs to be either trimmed or re-potted. Signs of leaf wilting and dropping is that the roots are not receiving enough water. My plant I have to frequently keep trimming stems so they keep the bushy look!Hope this helps!


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