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Monday, August 29, 2011

Gladiolus Flowers in Bloom

Red Gladiolus Flower Stem

 Unexpectedly since the past few days the rains have been very heavy. The gladiolus plant did decide to bloom now and it did! The red gladiolus plant bloomed in full and all the bulbs have been giving beautiful gladiolus flowers.
Fresh Red Gladiolus Flower

First Gladiolus Flower on Plant

Attractive Gladiolus Flowers
 The flowers have been aptly named according to their name and it is a treat to the eyes to see the proud stem of gladiolus flowers coming up. The stems are erect and firm and the happy flowers stand out from the crowd.
Detailed Close up of Gladiolus Flower
 I did feel the attraction to notice the detailed parts of the flowers and clicked a few pics of the same. The fine work of art created by God.
 Finally after enjoying the beauty of the gladiolus flowers outside I brought a part of nature to the inside by placing cut flowers in the house and they lasted much longer and full paisa vasool!
Close up of Red Gladiolus Flower
Cut Gladiolus flowers in Vase  

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