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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Passion Fruit Climber

Passion Fruit Climber
Close Up Passion Fruit Climber Tendril
 The Passion fruit is one of the fastest growing climbers and can cover any area very fast. Why I planted this ? I have read that the passion flower is very beautiful and so is the passion fruit. Bought this plant from an plant exhibition. Upon inquiring about flowering and fruiting habits of this passion fruit plant I can to know that the fruits may come after 3 years.

The First Bud of Passion Flower
The first bud appeared after approximately 4 months of planting. It has taken to the wall and growing wildly during rains. Tendrils came along the main stem of the climber and cling to any straight support. This is a beauty created by God to see the fine work in the tendrils. The tendrils of the passion plant are very strong and tough and look similar to a copper wire rolled up.
This plant is very good for privacy and can cover any trellis within months. A tough plant this will trail over any area and in fact grows best under a big tree. The passion flowers are very beautiful and will post the pic when this bud blooms.
The leaves are dark green with new fresh lime green leaves coming up. The trailer grows from all sides and sends shoots from the main stem along with tendrils and its growth habit is some what unpredictable. I have seen climbers like the pea climber and the Christmas vine that grow only straight, however much you try to guide them side ways they will take a string and go up.

The passion fruit I have read is very unique flavor and many recipes are available on the net. i would like to try a few when I get fruits on my plant. Though tasted it in Ooty the passion fruit was not so appealing, my tastes are different. Maybe the fruit was not fresh, and it needs sugar to be added to eat it, and we ate it raw!
The growth of the passion fruit climber is going strong and I think the plant comes up with seeds though I have planted a sapling of the plant. The passion fruit has many black seeds along with fruit pulp inside the fruit. The fruit juice prepared is very healthy and good.

Rains are making havoc in the garden, lost some plants and have few casualties! the same with rains every year. I think from now I will select plants that can bear over watering and heavy winds!

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