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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Gladiolus Flowers in Rain

Green leaves of Galdiolus Flower Plant
The bulbs that had been planted in march this year have come up with beautiful stems with tiny flowers. this is a breathtaking sight, and I still do not understand why every flower bud gives me a surge of hope and happiness. It is like a new birth and new life coming , a creation of God, each plant is unique , each flower is unique, god has made this in so much detail, even the tiny ridges in the leaves are different!
The bulbs were planted in March and I did not know about any details of this plant except for the flowers, which I had seen in flower bouquets.
As the green shoots came up they looked almost like wild grass. Even the rains have been heavy but the plants have maintained their tall stature. Shoots of flowering stem looks like the tuberose stem that has again come up for a shower of flowers!except I can see tiny red specks here indicating that the flowers of gladiolus will be red. The other plants also have been blooming.

The Proud Shoot of Gladiolus

 The plant does have a great stature and hence aptly named as gladiolus, referring to gladiators in ancient times. The leaves look like swords and hence the name. Gladiolus plants are tough and do not require much care.
First Red Bud of Gladiolus
Opening of gladiolus Flower

New Shoots of gladiolus Flowers
 The other plants have also sent out proud shoots for flowering and I do not know which colour flowers will come up. Thats the mystery when you buy bulbs, the unknown future, the excitement of the beautiful colours of gladiolus!
and also the beauty of bulbs is that anyone can grow them easily and they also do not require much care!

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