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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rains and Garden care

I have been peeking in between the heavy rains dose we got for the past weeks and many small plants have not made it this time! This happens every year and I promise myself that I will not plant new ones but still the journey goes on. Enough is enough, and now I do have a good collection of tough plants that have survived the heavy rains. The fresh sunny days since yesterday has given me some time to take a survey of the garden.
The Jade plant has developed black leaves
 The jade plant did grow well when the rains began but heavy continuous down pour is a no no and the leaves have turned black and they drop off.
The Jhendu flower plant
 The jhendu plant couldn't make it, sob.. good when it had got the growth spurt I had planted all the cuttings  in different pots and they are fine and healthy. So the first time I am not so at a loss and I have the plant babies!
The Bettle leaf plant/ Paan with fungus
 The paan leaf climber did not really make it and was already in a weak state. It has developed white fungus which is very common for plants that have soggy soil or over waterings. Many plants cannot be taken indoors and so they have to be left to their fate. But from now there will not be many casualties Inshallah in the next rains. Tip - If you have a open garden select plants carefully and grow only those that can tolerate direct sunlight and direct downpour!
The Amryllais plant with spider web
 These spiders are every where in the garden and also some are very poisonous. Many times going near the plant will also give you a sever itch. trimming such plants is very difficult and lots of care has to be taken. In case of a bite one must clean the area immediately with an antiseptic soap and apply an antiseptic cream,  have had the experience many times!
Angel in the Garden
With rains have come different types of butterflies in the garden. Different colored butterflies are seen making the rounds of the garden as this is the time fr them to lay eggs.They look very angelic but now I do not like them so much. My rose bush has eaten leaves and full of the larvae! caterpillars will be everywhere feeding and feasting on my precious plants! Though I needed to post this one as this was a transparent heavenly one and of a large size. So now will begin the session of cleaning these otherwise the plants will soon become barren! They love the palm tree and caterpillars are always seen on this.
I love the rainy season as all the plants look fresh and green with clean and sparkling leaves. Except the flowers suffer a quick death with heavy down pour, so during rainy season my house will be seen with roses and other flowers from the garden, as cutting them is the only way I can make them stay longer.

1 comment:

  1. Aunty as you take soo mch care of fowers... you hav decorated ur garden in such a beautiful way... i'd like to dedicate a poem for you-
    a poem said by the garden itslf...

    My Mother kept a garden,
    a garden of the heart,
    She planted all the good things
    that gave my life it's start.

    She turned me to the sunshine
    and encouraged me to dream,
    Fostering and nurturing
    the seeds of self-esteem...

    And when the winds and rain came,
    she protected me enough--
    But not too much because she knew
    I'd need to stand up strong and tough.

    I am my Mother's garden.
    I am her legacy-
    And I hope today she feels the love
    reflected back from me...


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