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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Carribean Copper Plant / Gold Coins Plant

Red Coins Plant
Carribean Copper Plant. This plant is an ornamental plant having red leaves. The leaves are very attractive and have a glow of purple in the red colour. This plant has become very famous as it has auspicious value in feng shui. The plant can be grown very easily with cuttings from the original plant.
In many gardens this plant is used as a focal point as it can grow into a large tree from. usually known as red coin plant as the leaves are similar to gold coins , which are considered very auspicious in Feng Shui. This red leaves plant has only one fear and that is from the white aphid that can get transferred from other plants to it.
With such a showy and attractive colour it can be used as a centre piece in any plant arrangement or landscape.
Watering requirements are not any special and they get along well with other plants. I have planted my red coins with another red leaved plant  that grows tall. Since the pot base was looking empty I used these plants to cover up the open area. This plant does not have very deep roots and so both the plants are growing happily together in one single pot.
According to feng shui these red leaved plants have to be placed in the south area of the garden or home. One can also place them in the south east sector which is considered to be the money sector of the garden or home.
Since these plants have dark foliage they do not require much sunlight and can also be grown indoors. In fact they grow healthily near a window that can give sheltered sunlight. How did the plant get its name as gold coin? the leaves of this plant are similar to the shape of round coins. Red colour is considered very auspicious in Chinese culture and it is indicative of progress and prosperity. Hence the red leaved plant having round leaves is very lucky to place in the south area for fame and recognition. It also helps to activate your money luck.
Tips- Does not like over watering in the beginning of planting or else the leaves become soggy and die. The Plant stem has ridges and each small ridge when planted can give you a new plant. The original leaves may die when transplanted and fresh new red leaves come from the stem.
Important tip for growing is that put it deep in the soil so that the stem is firmly placed in the pot otherwise it will not root.
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