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Friday, July 29, 2011

New Entrants to the Garden- Fruit Plants

Chickoo Plant

Custard Apple Plant
 The custard apple plant grows very tall and thick and I have this challenge to grow this fruit plant in a container. Though the plant will be the same only the fruits will have to come in a small container. With orange, cherry and lemon I was also tempted to try growing other fruit plants in containers. I still have to see the fruiting time and years required for fruiting of these plants and will post all the details later.
The most easy growing and fruiting plants were researched upon and the decision made to buy a selected few. Chickoo being the fastest growing, you can see the small fruits on this plant in the photograph of the chickoo plant. These fruit plants can be bought from any local nursery or specialized nursery selling fruit plants.
Close Up of New Fruits on Chickoo Plant
There is also a blue berry plant or the jamun plant growing alongside of the custard apple plant. I have put them in a metal drum and will observe their growth. I hope the plants settle down in the rains and give out new shoots of roots and get settled in my garden happily.
Good Night Time of Parakeet
Ending on a sad note, my pet parakeet has gone away from the past week and I am remembering her too much. Earlier she used to go for two to three days and come back after that but now I think she has gone far since I do not even hear her voice in the society or near buildings where she would fly. I hope she is healthy and fine and I pray for her health and happiness. Living with her now it would become almost a year since she had come to us in the last September. Wishing her good morning and rushing to prepare tea for her even on being hell tired, the most happy moments of conversation in the early morning before sunrise in mono syllables, her rushing for fresh fruits as soon as I bring a plate and knife with fruits, her nibbling on the lady finger, her anger with dilated pupils, her happy dancing and her stone nibbling, and of course the broken keys of my mobile phone ... all her remembrances Hope she comes back soon!


  1. Hi Riz, She has probably gone nesting and is sitting on her eggs. She will certainly come back with her babies one day. Hope for the best. Best regards, Vijaya

  2. Oh she is back after a period of 17 days, longest time since she had come. Someone in neighboring building had trapped her. One of our neighbor heard her sound passing by the road and confronted the people and they let her free, as soon as she was free she came home! and till now from Monday she was at sunset but today as I write the madam has not come , wonder where she is!parakeets!


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