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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The White Fragrant Rajni Gandha

New Rajni Gandha Flower Stem
The Rajni Gandha is a fragrant flower which is proved to be very good for anxiety and mental problems. The fragrance is so heavenly that it makes the whole garden and atmosphere aromatic and relaxing. Immediate relaxation and soothing of emotions and relieves stress.
With the rains there are many flowering plants that get a boost in growth and one of the most fragrant plants is the Rajni Gandha. The new stem grows as a hard, tall shoot among the green leaves.
Close Up of Rajni Gandha Flowers New Buds

Opening of Rajni Gandha Flowers

Close up of Buds of Rajni Gandha Flowers

Close up of Rajni Gandha Flowers
This is  a must have for any plant lover who loves to have fragrant flowering plants.The plant grows from rhizome which is planted under the soil during spring. The summers are very good fort his plant and this Rajni Gandha plant can tolerate direct sunlight. The leaves are similar to grass shoots and grow in bunches. My Rajni Gandha plant gives flowers in a single shoot and many plants clubbed together sometimes bloom together making the whole garden fragrant. The fragrance is sweet and heavenly and it intensifies and becomes more stringer during evenings and night.
I am lucky to have this Rajni Gandha plant that flowers without much care as I have heard people purchase this plant and wait for years without any flowers.So I guess mine has strong genes of flowering!
The plant grows with rhizomes of the mother plant and one can see different plants grow from the side of the original plant. Remove carefully the small saplings and plant in other containers to get a border of fragrant flowers. The flowering season in particular depends upon the plant as mine grows from summer to rainy season, and this is similar to all flowering bulbs and rhizome plants. But sometimes I also get flowers in winter or early spring, so maybe I am lucky to not depend upon the season for seeing flowers of the Rajni gandha.
I have seen that Rajni Gandha plants are available in many varieties. I have the single stem variety. There are other plants that give thick flowers and double or triple layered flowers which are more costlier.
Tips- One of the most important tip which I would like to share is that if the plant is flowering take care to keep the stem intact or tie it  as this grows very tall and also has to bear the weight of the flowers. I have kept my plant near the garden fence which lends it support but still the flowering shoot does grow very tall as you can see in the photograph of Rajni Gandha that I have posted here. The plant  looks very elegant with the flower shoot and as this moves with the wind we get a dose of fresh heavenly fragrance that energizes all your senses!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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  1. Hi This is really useful. I have just one rajinigandha plant which is flowering now. I wanted to check if after these flowers are gone, should i cut this stem..will it grow back? Right now it grows in a small plant.

  2. Hello itsabusylife, thanks for coming by garden care simplified.
    The flowering stems of rajni gandha will take time to dry off after each and every flower of tube rose has opened, let the stem dry off on the plant, then you can trim the stem once dried off.
    Hope this helps.
    Take Care and All the Best!

  3. Hi, i have a rajnigandha plant in a pot. last year there were two stems which were flowering at that time, accidentally some kids plucked them off from the plant and i have been watering the plant since then hoping that this year it might flower again. but this is already june and there is no improvement in the plant. it just looks like a grass shrub. thats it. Did my plant die??

  4. Hello anonymous, the rajni gandha plant needs soil that is firm and rich for flowering. Add some fertilizer or cowdung. it will soon give out blooms.
    Also check whether the plant has not been attacked by fungus or ants that eat away roots, check out my slide share for acrign of rajni gandha "How to remove pests without using Pesticides".
    Hope this helps, Take Care and All the Best from Rizwana!

  5. Mrs.Mundewadi ji thank you for the information. I would like to ask how much length of the stem should I cut? And after how long will I get flowers again?

  6. Mrs.Mundewadi ji thank you for the information. I would like to ask how much length of the stem should I cut? And after how long will I get flowers again?

    1. For Rajnigandha plant the outer leaves need to be trimmed.For other plants, Subhodip, Stem cutting depends upon the size of the plant. if this is large you have to trim ten to twelve inches but if the plant is small you trim about two to three inches. Flowering depends upon the age of the plant,and feedings, if they are happy they give out blooms within a month.


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