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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Palm Tree

Palm Tree
 The most common tree noticed in every house and office is the palm tree. Very easy to grow and requires very little care this palm tree is grown as an indoor plant. I have this in my garden in a big pot. This plant can tolerate sunlight but during summer the leaf tips burn.
This has been seen from ages as an ornamental plant in offices and luxurious homes, in fact it is a must for every plant lover to have a palm tree among other plants. The delicate leaves and the strong stems make it hardy and tolerable. This plant needs little acre and does not have any special requirements with regard to fertilizers or pests.
Leaves of Palm
The leaves of the palm look very beautiful as they are delicate and as the wind blows they make a hustling sound. This plant is very good for feng shui of the garden. Plants that move with the wind and make soft sounds are considered very good and auspicious in feng shui. As they increase the flow of energy in that area and promote positive energy to flow there.One must have some plants that hustle with the wind to promote good chi and improve the garden feng shui.
Close Up of  Cocoon of the Butterfly
Butterfly coming out of cocoon

This is the favourite plant for butterflies. They lay eggs and the new caterpillars feast on the leaves of this palm.You have to keep a watch since these caterpillars have a voracious appetite. It is also very difficult to notice any pests and only on close watch can one recognize these cocoons. On maturing the larvae make a cocoon and then are stagnant for many days. The leaves will appear stuck at the edges and one can see the sticky substance that covers the edges of the leaves. But in the end it is worth the effort as beautiful butterfly comes out and flies, it is a feeling of great joy to see anew life in nature, God's creation, so beautiful and good, who teaches the butterfly to fly?
This palm tree does not require much care and watering can be done like any other plant. This can tolerate intervals without watering for a few days and very good for people who do not have a green thumb!

Tips- The stem of palm trees are strong and require hardy cutters to trim the dried leaves. Keeping clear of dead leaves and trimming the dried leaves regularly helps the plant to look fresh and green. Also requires sprinkling of water or cleaning leaves with spray to keep away dust accumulating on the leaves.

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