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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Yellow day Lillies Flower

Close up of Yellow Daffodil Flower

This yellow flowering plant is a bright and cheery coloured flower. I call it the daffodil flower. It is actually a day lily plant that grows in abundance with beautiful yellow flowers.Very easy to grow and does not require much care.This is a bulb and grows well in summer. These bulbs are very small as compared to other flowering plant bulbs. This plant has many seeds that develop with each flower and since they spread with air they are everywhere, I still remember the poem, yellow daffodils on the mountains, and I understand how the whole mountain can be covered with flowers. What a breath taking view!
Yellow day lily flower in pot

The buds appear at the end of the tip of each leaf. The leaves of this plants are very thin and elongated. Fresh green in colour they seem very delicate and are prone to attack from birds.
The transfer of seeds is done naturally or one can plant the seeds in another pot. Very fast growing and covers a large area very soon. Each flower develops at the tip of the leaf. When the flower dries the base part of the flower grows and develops into seeds. When this dries there are many black seeds in each base. If not removed the seeds get transferred to all other areas and new plants emerge very soon.
Seeds Developing in Yellow day lily flower Plant
Tips for growing- Grow in a small pot or large beds also look very attractive with yellow flowers. Likes the sun and grows best under direct sunlight.Since the leaves look like garden grass it is difficult to recognize the plant from weeds. Care has to be taken to keep the pot away from other plant or collecting the seeds when they dry immediately will stop it from spreading like fire in the whole garden.

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