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Friday, July 1, 2011

Birds From Paradise Alexandrine Parrot parakeet from Paradise

Alexandrine Parakeet
 Gardening and planting flowering trees will not only give you the pleasure of enjoying nature at its best but will also be a welcome to guests from paradise.
Our garden having colourful foliage plants and flowers does attract many colourful butterflies and birds. The small water pond is always busy with pigeons, mynas, sparrows and crows. Even humming birds, king fishers and other exotic birds are also seen some times.
Though now a days due to construction of tall towers the rare bird species are moving away from our place, guess to a better environment in nature. The king fishers are so colourful and also the love birds. During the rains just before the first rain the blue bird had also visited many years back, but have not seen this bird for long.
Due to lack of natural habitat available birds are becoming extinct and it is our responsibility to preserve them.The Koyal who calls every morning at 4, 5 o'clock also has lost her tree home recently due to chopping of trees in our area. Wonder where the couple will reside , hope they come to me!
Alexandrine Parakeet busy with toy
 This welcome guest has been staying with us from the past 7 to 8 months. This colourful Alexandrine parakeet had just dropped by from no where. We fed it with fresh fruits and then she began coming every day to us. I don't know from where she has come of if she is some one's pet. But on enquiring there was no one who claimed her. She lives free and comes only for feeding during the day. As soon as the sun is seen setting our parakeet is on the window perch and we take her inside. Her favorite sleeping spot is on the curtain rod and she enjoys tumbling and somersaulting on the hanger.
Alexandrine Parakeet playing
 Parakeets are very intelligent birds and she shows her anger, dislike for certain foods and loves to play. She also dances on the window sill. Sometimes the Alexandrine Parakeet allows my son to stroke her and very rarely do I get a chance to get close to her. But she feeds from my hand and is comfortable with me. Her best place is on my head and after a relaxed night she enjoys rounds of the garden and our house sitting comfortably on my head. She likes to hear people talking and is very excited and happy when guest are around.She will sit on head and enjoys the top place and appears happy as if she rules the world.
Alexandrine Parakeet- Stroking her Head

Alexandrine Parakeet- Mithtin
Now we are well aware of her emotions and she expresses herself very well. Dilating of pupils, fluffling of feathers and plucking feathers all we now understand. When she does not like any food she will throw it down with her beak and also if she has had enough. I have read that parakeets are very intelligent and also very possessive birds.
Feeding her fresh fruits, vegetables and scramble eggs. Also she enjoys eating fresh leaves and flowers from our garden. Our pea climber had nearly died due to her acrobatics, luckily she had stopped fingering and the climber is showing fresh leaves. Parakeet likes to play on palm tree and enjoys the rains by getting thoroughly wet. I was wondering how to bathe her as she runs away during garden watering.
Also she did not drink much water and we were worried but now she drinks fresh water after eating cereals or other foods.
What a gift from God, love you nature!
All the Best from Rizwana! Happy Gardening! Like, comment, share for the love of Gardening! do come by Face book group Garden Care Simplified!
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All Photographs and Content are My Original Copyright Reserved © 2010-2017 Rizwana A.Mundewadi

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