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Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Ginger Plant

Spiral Leaves
Feeling very sad about the lost Brahma kamal bud. Some how I think I knew this would happen because the plant is new and it may need strength to flower. This also gives hope that the plant will flower some time and also give a very beautiful and stronger bloom!
The post discussed here is about an unknown plant that grows in spiral way. The leaves are typically growing in a spiral shape. On searching the internet I came to know this is a variety of ginger plant. The blooms may be red or yellow, I do not know because my plant has not flowered yet. I believe this plant ginger is not edible and not used for cooking purposes. Still I have let it be since it does not require mush care and also looks beautiful and unique.
This ginger plant may have been accidentally planted by my mom or me and it has grown well. The leaves are the best part for me. They are lush green in colour. The leaves look as if they are radiant and bright. I have kept this plant for the colour of the leaves and its special spiral way of growing. The best part is that it can tolerate long hours of direct sunlight and also watering irregularities.
The rains have made it brighter, fresher and greener.
The stem is dark red in colour and thick and the leaves grow spirally around it. This palnt is good for foliage and also for giving special colour to the garden.
Tip- I do not know the blooms and so it is difficult for me to refer. I am waiting for the blooms as since I love flowers and most of my container gardening has begun with the wish of flowers. This plant grows from rhizome or tuber and I had removed the big tuber when the plant had gone in dormant stage after the rains last year. Again in spring the plant started blooming as I planted the rhizome about three inch deep in a pot.
I had cut the tip of the growth and this ended up with the plant going in dormancy so let it grow as it is from side ways.

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