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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The New Brahma Kamal Bud

New Bud in the Brahma Kamal Plant

Close Up of New Brahma Kamal Flower Bud
All new day with rains lashing and winds blowing hard and making it difficult to enter my garden, I took a quick peek and was welcomed with this wonderful new growth in the brahma kamal plant.
After vigorous searching of texts and internet I could not help my plant to produce flowers. Just then I started neglecting it.
 I guess the rains triggered the flowering aspect as this plant has been planted few months back. The new brahma kamal bud looks like a miniature piece of art. All the fine hairs surrounding the would be flower are clearly visible and the bud of the brahma kamal flower is emerging from within this light pink hairs. The growth of the brahma kamal bud is seen from the side of a leaf.
The journey of this flower is going to be long , I guess it will take some days to develop and grow and later , hope so it will bloom on one night. It is considered auspicious and lucky plant by many people and to watch it flowering is another heavenly experience. Since the brahma kamal is considered as a rare plant I have at least 4 varieties of this plant taken from different places.I have never seen the flowers on my plant and had viewed it once at my neighbours. Am waiting with lot of excitement, enthusiasm and patience for this plant to flower.
So much excitement is cropping already, I don't even know if this bud will grow, or if it will mature, or God knows if it will fall off!
Anyways let me be happy for the while and hope for the best!


  1. Hi,

    Mine just blossmed ..........but what was a bit sad news is that this isnt the Brahma Kamal..........they are only found Himalayas...but these are psuedo brahma kamals :)

  2. I know this is not the original and I have read that they are found in the Himalayas.
    But this flower is unique and one of a kind, wish me luck!
    If possible do post a pic of your plant and suggest some tips, would be great help.

  3. So, did the Brahma Kamala finally blossomed into a beautiful flower?
    How long did it take for it to flower from the stage of tiny bud?

    We have planted a brahma kamala leaf in our pot.
    After few months of wait, now we are seeing 2 buds grow on the sides of the leaf.
    We are eagerly waiting for it to grow flower!

  4. Narendra you are lucky, hope you get to see the blooms soon.
    I think the flowering stage goes on for at least 20 or more days maybe a month, (researching the internet) have not experienced, do share


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