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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Care and Training of Alexandrine Parakeet

Close up of Alexandrine parakeet

This link from youtube will show you how the parakeet eats her daily breakfast at 6.15 am.

Just after our morning prayers I have to be ready for the breakfast of our pet. Our parakeet is also a very early riser. Exactly at 6.15 in the morning she sends a small sound and I answer it with a good morning. The many times I talk to her and repeat good parrot, good morning, good night, bye bye, no, etc the longing to hear her speak is still unfulfilled wish for us.
She tries to communicate in small sounds and I do understand her emotions. Like a royal bird she is very selective of her food. She likes only freshly cut fruits and some cereals. Her favourite is soaked chana. She also likes to drink sherbat sometimes and ice cream which is melted. The most important part comes here... she wants to feed from our plate only! And when served on the window sill brings the food in her beak inside and then eats it.
Her likes and dislikes are very well understood by us she is very clear about her intentions. If she likes a food she is engrossed in it but if she does not like some food she turns her head,  she backs off first and if we persist to feed her the next step is she fluffs her feathers and becomes huge and ..As if increasing her size to frighten us! And later on you all know she runs to bite us!
If her pupils dilate or expand then she is ready to bite or angry and we start laughing and she comes back to her normal size. She may also be focussing on us by dilating her pupils.All the other birds are scared of our parakeet and she does not allow anyone to enter her territory that is her grill the window sill, the curtain rod! The crow, mynas and the sparrows all have to eat the left over food on the window sill after our madam has finished and flies away. I remember once when I had tried to remove the window curtain and clean the glass in front of her she had got very angry and was ready to bite me. Now I do it when she is not around. She really does not bite hard only shows us anger by dilating her pupils, and even if we give our finger she does pets on it and does not bite hard.
Alexandrine Parakeet Angry
Alexandrine parakeet enjoying the Swing

Since she is free everyone wonders how by evening she comes to rest and sometimes also in the afternoons. her nap is finished at 3.30 or 3.45 and she then flies and enjoys trips to other homes till evening sunset. Her trips in the day are at random in morning at the time of our breakfast, in the early afternoon, late afternoon and then finally before sunset when she eats and drinks and then flies and plays outside for some time before closing of the day.
Alexandrine parakeets are very lovely birds. They are very intelligent and loving and also very possessive. They do not like to be kept captive. And one of our neighbours had kept her in cage and she fell sick and did not eat for many days and they left her free. The Alexandrine parakeet also requires care and total attention. This is like a full time job, to take care of her feeds, play time and always keeping her busy. Alexandrine parakeets can be trained to follow commands but it is a difficult task. We have one who talks mitthu, and also mumbles some other words which we don't understand though it is obvious from her expressions that she is trying to communicate. I have read on many posts that their vocabulary is very good compared to other parrots.
Each alexandrine parakeet may have different likes and dislikes of food and one has to try to give them selected nutritional food for health. Balance between fresh fruits, vegetables and yes sometimes do treat her with chocolates or gems. But remember that very sweet is not good for her.
Alexandrine parakeet requires many toys to keep her occupied. We have to offer pens, pencils and other soft wood toys and she shreds them to pieces. She enjoys this play time very much and this is the only time when she may allow us to stroke her head!
The Alexandrine parakeet sheds her feathers and tail before rains and now has go fresh coat of green feathers. She has a red line on both sides of her wings which is an indication that she is not a parrot but a parakeet. Since there is no black band on the nape of the neck it is very clear that she is a female parakeet.
Sleeping Alexandrine Parakeet.

While I write she may be at some one's house feeding or taking a nap and may suddenly come, have to be alert and keep the window closed, already lost the key pad of my costly mobile phone , courtesy mitthin!

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