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Friday, September 21, 2012

How to Plant a Bird Friendly Garden and Importance of birds in Garden

Mynas, parrots, sparrows, pigeons, koyal, king fishers, crows, eagles, hawks, bats, owls, and many colourful birds,we have seen them all. right from under the sky , from our own terrace garden. Any garden however many plants and flowers they have look blank without positive chi from the birds. This feng shui energy is believed to come from heaven and helps in healing past karma and present life. Terrace is an open space available to lucky few and still fewer try to grow a garden. As many love flowers, hardly some plant fruit trees or plants that favor bird life.

Water cabbage plant in bird bath

Pair of Myna Birds
Over the years with regular love, care and feeds there are many birds that are our friendly guests regularly.
Alexandrine Parakeet enjoying fruit in Terrace garden

White Pigeon


White Pigeon Dove Bird

Always Available Humble Crow

Myna Birds showing their meal
Plant fruit trees in your garden which birds like. Guava, peach, Jamun, Chickoo, apples, and as these may not be very easy with our climatic conditions if you are growing fruit is containers they sure will frequent your terrace.
Parakeet after the rains
I have found that parakeets and other birds love to eat pea seeds, and many birds nibble on flowers especially chrysanthemums, marigold and blue bells. They also love the worms, ants, spiders, snails, and earth worms which are added spice to their meals.
Blue Bells fastest growing Climber

Water cabbage in water -easiest growing water plant in pond
Water cabbage growing in our bird bath is easiest growing plant in water as lotus and water lillies will require much space these plants are happy in small circular containers also.
As you love to watch birds when they feed and take bath you must also take care that they do not mess up too much with your plants so that they die, like our chinese roses are always plucked by pigeons and many stems seen on the ground! So plant these in seperate corners without access to birds.
You may have a bird feeder where you can put seeds, pellets, cooked rice, chapatis and left over food. Birds especially love toast crumbs and bread along with milk. As for the humble crows you may give them anything they gorge on it!  bones and cartilage cut in small pieces of chicken, mutton or fish parts are what crows love and have a hearty meal of it.
Our Alexandrine parakeet especially loves nuts. Badam and Pista are an important part of her breakfast menu. Love birds feed on bread crumbs, chapati, cooked rice, leaves of spinach, corriander, suva, methi leaves along with their seed pellets.
How to attract birds to your Terrace garden- I have seen many great gardens, landscaped professionally after spending lots on it, but no birds. Birds do not come on their own. You have to be patient after planting bird friendly trees and plants. Put up a comfortable bird house nearby on a tree if possible. A bird bath or water fountain is a welcoming sight as smooth flowing water is considered very auspicious especially in feng shui.Have this water feature in the north if possible or center of your terrace garden.
Feed them with food everyday, you may have specially cooked food if their are karmic issues to be resolved or left over daily food can be put up on a corner or space where birds can see and can easily eat it.Do not expect them to feed from your hands immediately, give them some time to be familiar with the environment and you. After they learn to trust you you will be happy they even feed from your hand!
The pair of white pigeons
 Enjoy birds and see how they fight, play, enjoy water and you will see just like us they also have their teams and colleagues and best friends and mates! there is daily fight for survival by the lingering threat from the  hawks and eagles flying nearby, still how they enjoy each and every moment of their life.I have seen crows attack eagles as against vice versa where we know eagles are tough!and sparrows drive away crows when in groups! the bossy aggressive pigeon bathes first and even though there is plenty of space in the bird bath will not allow others till he is satisfied, only then will he let others to drink!

Butterfly Cocoon on feng shui lucky Bamboo plant

Friendly Female parakeet Parrot 
enjoy your bird garden and learn lessons of life.


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    1. Thank you so much Suresh Kumar for the lovely comments! Welcome to Garden Care Simplified! All the Best from Rizwana!


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