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Friday, September 14, 2012

Flowers Growing in Snow Himalayan Region Tips for Growing Flowers in Cold Climates

Himachal pradesh is a very beautiful place with colourful flowers and snow covered mountains. Kullu Manali a favorite destination for many is a great hill station , especially during Mumbai heat summer season that is from April to September. As during winter season it is very very cold with snow fall and hail storms.

Colourful Flowers on Snow Covered Mountains of himachal Pradesh
The miracle of nature, a breath taking sight was at thousands of feet above ground level , in midst of the himalayan mountain rages at the foot steps were beautiful colourful flowers growing in snow. The top of the mountains were snow clad and temperatures were very low. With freezing cold temperatures it was  a breath taking view of the snow on top with colourful flowers growing at its feet.
Snow covered mountains of Himachal pradesh
 I would often wonder how people in UK and US and other countries having snow fall would plant such colourful gardens and maintain them. I got the answers here among the peaks of Himalayas.

greenery on Himalayan Mountains
 With the snow melting as day began there were water falls from every nook and corner of the huge mountains in Himachal pradesh. The flowering bulbs and seeds have survived the cold temperatures and snow and have sprung up from unexpected places covering the whole mountain range. This just answers so many questions of nature ' it takes care of itself' it is we humans who destroy the harmony and balance by lighting fires and cooking foods! Flowers in the snow covered mountains of himalayan range from bulbs to seed plants. Wonder how they have come up, someone may have planted them and who deserves applauds as the mission is successful and flowers will continue to bloom every season even after the person passes away.
Gushing waterfalls in himachal pradesh  himalayas
The flowers growing were beautiful day lilies of many colours from bright cheery yellows to peaceful whites to purple. I think they were gladiolus flowers in purple that made a great composition of yellow and purple amongst the shades and hues of natural green. The Brahma kamal plants were in plenty as this climate and soil in the Himalayas supports the growth of the Brahma Kamla flowers.
When you wish to see Flowers growing in snow keep the soil rocky and hardy. Moist soil will kill the plants and seeds underground with becoming soggy with water flowing.
If you stay in snow covered regions and wish to select plants for garden or planting bulbs are your best bet. Once invested they continue to give you beautiful blooms , of course until someone destroys the bulb!
Rhizomes and bubs of many flowers like lilies, amaryllis, tube roses etc can be sowed before spring and as the waters melt from the snow so do the new shoots come out from the ground.
Bulbs and seeds of many plants can be saved during snow fall by covering the ground by grass and husks of dried plants during winter. As spring comes up you may remove the covering on the ground by clearing off this or allow this to act as mulch for your flowering plants.Nature gives lessons itself and on observing this in the snow covered Himalyan region of Himachal pradesh I have learned many tips of growing plants in cold climates.Many people staying in cold temperature countries also bring their potted plants indoors to protect them from frost and chills. And the ones who love plants , the plants do give them lovely booms in return, no matter the conditions and climates!

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