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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Natural Dragon Symbols in the Sky Feng Shui for Terrace Garden

Two Overlapping Dragon Symbol in the Sky
 A miraculous sight in the evening before sunset. The sky was clear and the great distinct symbol of two overlapping serpents, dragons as in Buddhism is considered very auspicious the unending mystic knot , couldn't capture the complete symbol because of overhead wires. Dragons are considered very auspicious in feng shui and two dragons are very lucky.
Two Intertwined Snakes Symbol in the Sky
 Similarity between the auspicious Buddhism symbol of two gold fishes swimming in harmony, absolute bliss and that after few days of completing the dragon painting.

Caterpillar Larvae of Butterfly
 Meanwhile the butterflies are having a good time feasting on our orange and lemon plants and there are plenty of larvae everywhere eating voraciously and leaving the plant barren!
Feng Shui terrace garden
Feng shuing your garden is another way to bring in positive energy into your life. Terrace garden feng shui must fulfill the aim of having a terrace garden in your home. Whether you need to feel relaxed into your terrace garden or you need to be refreshed will lead you to the next decision of selecting plants for gardening.
Space may be a matter for some with a small balcony size terrace whereas some have a huge area as terrace.In either case feng shui principles and feng shui Ba Gua Map when followed will make you feel happy with your effort of gardening and choosing the right plants will give you an ever green garden.
1) Form a square shape or as close to the square shape mentally or on paper of your terrace.
2) Your climatic conditions and which plants will grow best in your environment of available sunlight.
Pink Rose for feng shui fame
3)South- Area of fame and recognition. Have predominantly pink and red coloured flowering plants or red leaves plants. This area supports the element of fire and is considered small earth and you need to have strong big trees or plants here.Flowers that will bring fame are poppies, roses, blue belles. In trees cherry , orange, lemon As this represents the fire element you may have a fireplace or barbecue here or can hang colourful lights in south area of your terrace.
Red amaryllis for fame
Red carribean Plant for south

4) South west- Area of relationships marital prospects and marital happiness. Predominate colour flowers must be yellow. Being and supporting big earth. Emotional security daffodils, lillies, tulips, roses, gardenia, lavender (Still on my wish list!) periwinkle, geraniums. Mint or ajwain herb is considered very good to be planted here. Have your stone statue or artefact or stone here.
5)West - Area for fertility creativity and children. Select flowers in yellow and white colors.lily, morning glory, gardenia-Anant, white kaner, tagar, mogra, chameli, jai juhi etc as this area supports small metal you can hang a metal wind chime here. Also can add a gazing globe or small silvery artefacts that will reflect sunlight and shine, to improve creativity and children luck.
Orange Roses for good luck 
6) North West- Area for helpful friends and travel luck. While , yellow, orange are the predominant colours here. the area supports Big metal so you can have table and chairs to welcome grace into your home and help into your life, especially metal wrought iron furniture for garden.Passion flower, sunflowers, pea climbers, anant, mogra, champa- white yellow flowers, jade, silver jade.
White flowers for north, North east and west directions

White fragrant flowers for south west, north and northwest feng shui directions

Yellow Roses for north and north west feng shui directions

Peach coloured Aboli flowers for Northwest

Jade plant for south east

Money plant for south east

Ornamental Chilies for South

Peach Coloured Flowers for North West

Majestic red Rose for South

Purple Plants for North

Purple luck feng shui
7) North-Career.prospects This area supports metal element. dark blue, purple coloured flowers are best here. Silver jade, anant, jasmine, champa, periwinkle, mint all can be grown here for improving career luck. As this represents water you may have a pond or water fountain and bird bath here to invite heaven luck.Can also have a fishes for good luck in your terrace garden pond.
8) North East- Yellow and orange colours are best here.Jasmine, marigold, chrysanthemums, sunflower, roses can be planted here. This area is small earth and it is auspicious to have a rock garden here. You may arrange colourful stones or rocks here or display stones in this area for self progress.
East- Family relationships and health- predominant color green, lush green plants , all shades of green. This area is termed as big wood and it is considered very auspicious in feng shui to have at least one big tree here like gulmohar..
9) South East- Wealth and Money- Most important area of your terrace garden. All fruit trees are best grown here. Jade plants, money plants and all round leaved fleshy stem plants bring wealth and money luck. Small wood supports this area so have wood in any form here. A swing, or artefact of wood. Maybe a moving wind mill to bring fresh energy with rotations as circulating movements activate chi.
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Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
"Remember that children, marriages, and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get. H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
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