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Healthy Growth Tips for Jasmine jai Juhi Fragrant Fast Growing Climber

Heavenly fragrant Jasmine Flowers in Container
 As the heat sets in and temperatures are rising in the day and we have cooler nights with chilly breeze over our terrace garden a welcome sight is the white heavenly fragrant flowers on the jasmine climber. The plant has taken good growth very soon and has spread with support of the rose plants covering the thorns, a blessing in disguise!
White Jai Juhi Flowers
 Early mornings are great with the fragrance travelling in the whole garden and feeling refreshed and happy! learned another new meaning for happiness is fresh natural flower fragrances.
Healthy Growth Tips of Jasmine Climber Creeper
 The jasmine plant grows from the direction of tip as a climber , but I guess if we trim the tips it will grow in a bush.
Healthy growing of Jasmine plant tips- 1) Select a healthy plant from the nursery, no black or brown spots on leaves, reason fro infection. See the leaves whether they are firm or drooping, signs of less water and care, risk of surviving when bought. Colors of leaves must be bright green in healthy jasmine plant.
Fresh Lime Green Leaves of jasmine flowering plant
2) Grow the plant in bigger container if you need a good length of growth as climber or creeper from this jasmine. So also you will get many good blooms which can be used to make gajras, hair decorations or malas for offering in temples to God. Tough plant containers must be selected as the weight of the jasmine climber is more and the container must be able to bear this. Select cement or metal containers for best long life. Hard tough soil for strong support to the weight of the climber.Water daily in early growth stages , once grown bigger the plant can bear skipping in watering.
3) Trim the tips before the plant has produced flowers. I have been trimming the new growths in jasmine plant of excessive growth in all directions, it looks and grows in all directions like a green flower. If you wish to grow as bush then leave them . Otherwise trim the weak shoots to give the climber a sense of direction one way according to your grill trellis or support. This will encourage healthy growth in your jasmine plant and also encourage bigger jasmine jai juhi blooms.
4) While plucking the flowers do take care to handle the climber gently. Be careful of birds nipping the tips of plants for fresh leaves. Grow away from bird bath or bird feeders as the blooms are sweet and birds love them. Select a shady area on your window sill or garden where the jasmine plant receives few hours of early morning or evening sunlight and not direct sunlight.
5) Another practical tip for using the Jasmine flowers in a room or cupboard as air fresheners is do not put them in water containers or vases. If kept in water the flowers will rot and die sooner within hours, leave aside will also not spread any fragrance. The jasmine flowers spread fragrance only when flowers are in dry conditions and the flowers will give out fragrance even after drying two to three days, but on the plants the heavenly fragrance remains for more days if the jasmine is grown away from direct blast of air or wind.


  1. Good information given.Thanks for sharing it !!!

  2. hi Rizwana
    I have juhi (2 of them, 3 feet each)
    I kept one on the terrace where it received partial sunlight and the other in shade. The one in shade is dormant, whereas the one in partial sunlight shows new growth(lots of them). I stay in Delhi;the winter is getting harsh. Buoyed by the performance of roof-top juhi, i have decided to keep both of them in full sunlight. I have noticed you don't recommend that. Does the recommendation hold for the winter here ( for dec&jan)

  3. Yes Delhi winters are really harsh, just like summers! I have visited and experienced, I think you will have to allow them more hours sunlight, Imam each plant is different try changing their place they will communicate with your whether they like it by growing healthy and if not will show off with yellow drying of leaves.
    I often observe and change places of my plants.
    All the best, ours, Juhi climber, has now plenty of buds , expecting a good fragrant show soon!

  4. Thanks
    It has plenty of buds. Hoping for the best.
    By the way, you fancy growing different species of jasmine? I have 4, on way to collecting more.
    When i do it successfully,i hope to share pics.
    I noticed you love growing herbs and edible plants too.
    Ever tried growing chilies? It's the easiest and a rewarding experience

  5. Iman yes I had grown ornamental chillies, the ones that grow purple small round ones which turn red, usually I prefer growing flowering plants,except for the curry leave s, my fav, yes I think chillies grow easiest in plenty.

  6. Hi Rizwana
    Finally the juhi blooms! It was an infected plant, v weak twice destroyed by monkeys. It has almost no leaves with 5 flowers. 2 days back i noticed that some buds turned brown and fell. The plant still looks fragile to me, any tips? I have nurtured it for 6 months, want to preserve it.
    Also, could you please tell me how to differentiate between a rose bud jasmine and juhi. They are almost similar until they flower.

  7. So very happy for your plant Imam, all the best keep going,

  8. wat r the flowering season for juhi..its been 3 months i bought it and initially saw flowers but later none of them but the plant looks healthy and its growing in height as well
    any caring tips to b taken care of?

    1. Hello Avani, well touch wood our plants has been in bloom the whole rainy season and even at present loaded with lots of blooms.
      From may to august you may get good blooms, add feeding before summer sets in for flowers.
      As i have trimmed the lanky stems of Juhi plants climbers you too may try trimming the stems to encourage blooms.
      and yes I plant the stems aside in the same container and new plants are coming up great with a much thicker creeper loaded with fragrant flowers of Juhi.
      Hope this helps,
      All the Best!

  9. and cud u plz help me with tulsi plant as initially it was growing properly and now i notice the leaves r tiny and crumbled and become dry on the tip of the leaves..could u suggest me a solution to fix this plz.

    1. Avani, not much luck with Tulsi, as I have tried many times, the plant grows well with neglect and I am not able to neglect the babies!
      less watering, regular watering,feeding at regular intervals, protection from pests,partial sunlight only, are lessons what i have learned. no doubt Tulsi is a very good plant and has medicinal and religious importance.
      As for curling of leaves, drying, maybe your plant has clogged soil, very important reason for many plant problems, and roots are not receiving the amount of water.Is the plant facing direct sunlight so the amount of water required will be more,
      for trying out trim few edges and see if the plant picks up,
      All the Best!Take Care!

  10. Replies
    1. Sorry Vijay,, skipped you post!
      Trim the top portions of the lanky stems.

  11. I have many buds in my Juhi plants, they are quite healthy, but none of them bloom. They just fall off after one or two days.

    Please help.


    1. Hello Ananad , they seem to be not getting sunlight, try shifting the pot to a slightly more sunny spot.Also do check out for any pests. wash the plant thoroughly and then sunlight always works wonders!Hope this helps!

  12. Hi Rizwana, I keep reading your articles they are inspiring!
    Today i went to nursery and brought a parijata and a juhi plant. The juhi plant has a single stem and is supported by a stick and the only branch is overloaded with flowers. However the flowers are pinkish white and are not fragrant. The post above says its fragrant. And should i plant it in a container or in the garden soil ?

  13. Hello Varun, thanks a lot for liking my blog and my posts!1) The single stem of Juhi plant, once the flowers are dry trim it carefully to encourage growth.2) Small plants grow better in containers then later you can transplant in soil.3) The flowers have strong fragrance when bloomed and gradually it reduces if exposed to strong sunlight, and the petals turn pinkish.4) did you smell the fragrance you bought the plant? if not then you will have to wait for fresh blooms to check whether this plant is original Jasmine Juhi. 5)If you can protect it support and from other creatures(rats/birds) then plant it in soil. All the Best from Rizwana!

  14. I have jui and alaminda plants in pots. They have grown somr ten feet high. They are getting three to four hours direct sunlight. I am giving fertilizer every month and giving water alternate day. Both plants are five months old and healthy. The problrm is that none of them has blodsomed even once so far. I am in ahmedabad gujarat. Can you please help so that they start giving flowers?...... kirit mistry

    1. Hello Unknown, Gujrat must be quite hot now in summers! There is no need to feed /fertilize every month, once in six months is enough.Watering must be daily.
      For the first flowering it may take one, two, three years also.
      Trim the top portions regularly and help them grow bushy, they may get a growth spurt and give blooms during rains.
      All the Best from Rizwana!

  15. Dear Rizwana,
    Thanks for replying, i have trimmed the stem, the new shoots haven't come but i am hopeful. I need your help with Kadamba Tree. I brought a young tree sapling, with lush green 4 leaves and i planted it in a big plastic container. I made a hole under the big bucket and then filled some stones , some sand, soil , cow dung dried, some soil again, and then put in my sapling. Its kept in a place where it receives 4-5 hours of sunshine. The tree sapling looked happy for the first two days but the lower two leaves of the tree have started to develope little brown circular marks, it appears its drying from some parts of the leaves. Please help me since i want to keep this tree safe for a long time and wish to convert it into a bonsai. Also the tree has a spiritual importance so is very close to my heart and im very posessive since i got the sapling after struggling a lot. Please help me with it ! Thanks Varun !

    1. Varun, I understand the symbolic significance and attachment, Gods favourite tree, the problem may be , I have seen, many new saplings don't take too well to fertilizers. Even my Curry leaves plant begins to dry if I add anything, even cowdung , is not allowed, it grows on its own.Must be the same as my Orange plant sapling that did not like cowdung and dropped its tiny few leaves too!
      One thing you can do, plant it smaller container and once it picks up growth then go ahead with a bigger pot.All the Best from Rizwana!

    2. Thanks for the reply, i probably have to get a bit less posessive. I just planted it this saturday, should i be again disturbing the plant of leave it as it is to grow ? i have a feeling i should not touch it unecessarily. Just because saplings of small size are rarely available in our area. Please suggest if i should let it be ?

    3. Varun, here you will have to go with your gut feelings, personal instinct observe the plant, it will surely communicate!

  16. Also please help if i wish to post photos of the plants to let you know of the exact situation !

  17. Hi,

    I have Ratt ki Rani plant and it has not given any flowers since last 2 years. The plant is in healthy condition. Please let me know what should i do.
    My plant is 4 yrs. old.

    1. Has your plant flowered before? Sometimes it depends on genes, and are non flowering. If it has, then, trim some parts and add feedings, this brings a flowering spurt. Raat ki Raani is sensitive to light, flowering depends on this. Hope this helps!


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