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Friday, September 14, 2012

Feng Shui Simple Tips for Success - Artists - by Rizwana A Mundewadi

Artists who are struggling and those who work hard but have not seen the light of the day, can follow simple feng shui cures and open doors of success into their lives. Not only will they attract recognition but will also hear the jingles of money coming their way. Feng shui science helps one to be at ease with your environment as a result this brings happiness, peace and prosperity. Artists can follow simple feng shui tips to attract luck and success in their artist' career.Studying feng shui since past many years I have shared many tips and here I wish to share few tips for artists to get success in their careers. (
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1) Clear off clutter. Organize your work place, all that you need and that which you have not touched since the past five years. If you do not need certain things but love them you may store them in attic or store room. Keep your work place your studio organised so that when you need something you do not have to search for it. This brings in an organized energy whch promotes success as you know where you are going.Clutter and mess in your work place indicates the same energy in your life and artist career.
2) Record your work. You must know how many paintings you have, their details, the materials used and the year you have made these artworks. This will give you control over your life and your work. Usually when art does not sell there is tendency to store artworks them in attic where the paintings are in cobwebs and home to spiders. If you are doing the same and do not have space to store them at least keep a watch at them regularly and keep your paintings clean. 
3) Your art depends upon some important things. Like a surgeon needs his instruments for success in surgery, so do you need paints and brushes. Look carefully all the materials you need. Buy good quality materials, canvas, paper, colors as these are essential to make good art. Keep them clean and organised so that while painting you do not need to search for that particular knife or brush.Keep your materials and brushes clean, take care of them as they will help to produce good art.
4) Let in nature into your life. This is very important that you connect with nature to maintain positive energy, balance and harmony. This does not in any way mean you need to have a garden, you may have a green bamboo plant on your work table or have a green ornamental plant in your studio. If you have a green thumb and do not love plants you may also have a silk or artificial plant inside that will uplift your energy as well as your work place feng shui. Your south east section caters to wealth and prosperity sector in your life and you may place a plant or wood artefact here to uplift the energy here.
5) Avoid negative people. These are energy suckers who drain all your creative energy whenever you meet them. By this I mean you may meet some friends, neighbors, family , relatives just anyone who makes you feel uncomfortable with your art. these energy drainers may be any people who when you meet, be little you and your artist career, by commenting that art does not sell, this is not for you, you are wasting time and money in making art. There is no cure for such people and do not try to convince them or give explanations as this will be futile and a waste of your energy.Focus on proving them wrong by continuing to make art.
6) Display and connect with art galleries, online art galleries, artists, collectors, corporate and whoever you feel can purchase or show interest in your art. For this keep your mobile phone in the north west section of your work table or studio to attract helpful friends and travel luck into your life. Regularly keep updating your status as artist so that not only other people recognize you but also you unconsciously send a message to the universe that you want to follow this path in your life.
7) For any artist the most important aspect is to sell. Feng shui cures help to remove blocked karmic influences  by welcoming positive energy. You may decorate your prosperity corner by things which indicate success , richness and wealth, symbols of prosperity.
8) Most important thing for any arts is to keep making art. Your creativity corner in feng  shui falls in the west section and this area needs to be kept clean and decorated with lights and colours. Feng shui element for west section, your creativity area is metal and the colours favouring this area are white , gray, and metallic gold or silver. You may display paintings having similar colours in them to improve feng shui energy here.
9) You may also have a feng shui tower or feng shui globe in the north for career opportunities and success in all your new ventures. This will not only attract new buyers but also improve relationships with previous collectors.
10) Finally be surrounded by art. Cleaning the clutter and organizing does not mean you paint your artist  studio white and keep all things tucked inside, this will hamper your creativity. Have a special wall on the south section which has colourful pictures or feng shui paintings where the prominent colour is red, the area in feng shui that promotes success, fame and recognition.
All the best to all artists of the world and do share your views and suggestions.
I wish to make simple, colorful, understandable healing art.
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
Welcome to my website Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art

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