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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Love Birds Budgie complete care food play and health Practical Guidelines with Experience over the years

Birdie on top
With my besties, over the years..Boku (blue bird..Highly intelligent one....we lost her..egg binding..) Angel, the white one (we lost her..after many years of healthy partnership with green birdie. , Goldie, we lost her.. she had multiple problems but stayed for many years...Green one, superb Birdie, he is a majestic male, Masha Allah! we have his partner Honey and of course the many parakeets that have come and stayed with us over the years free, flying in the sky . yet coming for feeds with pure true trust faith and love!

Birdie love bird
Love birds love to feed only on seeds but this is unhealthy and makes them weak. Feeding of pellets once in two days. In case of dropping in the container replace the pellets. Check by hand if the pellets have grains or just husks even if the container looks full or your birds may go hungry! . They will try to bite when they see a new hand so try to first converse and then open the door while you are playing with them, still be careful of the bite. My birdie just pecks my fingers and never bites but the females do bite sharply!  Otherwise offer leaf and then open the door while they are busy to change water and food. Best way is to cover the budgies  with soft cloth on the folded wings and let them free for time out(remember to close all doors and windows carefully, so that they can play happily)
Angel having fun climbing
Blue Boku
Bajri seeds can also be added to pellets. do not worry of over eating, they will only eat what quantity they require.
Tap water for drinking. Replace everyday or in case of  becoming very dirty by droppings or food.
Palak, Suva, Kothmir , washed 1 or 2 leaves thrice daily. Morning 6.30 to 8.00 , afternoon 1 to 3, evening 6.30 to 7 . Can keep fresh crisp leaves in wrapper in fridge. But always wash leaves and then give, budgies love freshly wet leaves as food.
Monaco biscuit one or two daily, feed by hand near the container so that the left overs fall in to the container,  or keep in food container. No they don’t eat the whole biscuit but they love to crunch on it and play with it. So it is also a pet toy!
Bread or chapati morning or afternoon 1 inch piece.
Rice Khichdi fried rice or plain white rice offered in steel container, fresh daily once.
Try to fill the food container after sunset as they eat early morning if you don’t have time in morning for your sweet love bird budgies., While sleeping after sunset or after their eating is over put cloth over the cage. Morning after sunrise prayer by 7 remove cloth or according to the sounds they are making if alert. My birds are alert even at dawn as I get up for morning prayers and they begin chirping, and I have to scold them, one sound of their name and they be quiet!
Avoid cabbage Gobi, chillies hari mirch, cauliflower.
Can offer green peas, khari boondi or chips if they are willing to eat. They do not eat spicy food.
Whenever trying new food take care to avoid messing the cage as there is fear of red ants. Feed with your hand near the food container so that all droppings fall into this and can be cleaned without cleaning the whole cage. If dirty replace the paper inside the cage.
Bath not required daily, only when they become irritable, fighting extensively or chattering too much. Once in week or more than a week will do in rainy season.  Remove the paper, taking care to divert their attention by offering leaf,  otherwise they may bite till your love birds become familiar with your hand. A sprinkler and light slow shower of water is great for them to enjoy a fresh bath. Clean the base of the cage from outside as well as  inside. Let the cage dry and then add new paper along with washed containers of water and food.
In case of red ants or you see them scratching, feathers, itching , they become irritable, give them bath and clean the cage immediately. Please take care to keep the cage clean as they are small birds and do not know how to handle other creatures. My birdie flutters even on mosquitoes and cockroaches, so immediately even in middle of night I check up on them. Also be very careful of lizards, if you keep the cage outside. Our three tier home of budgies is placed in our home passage and always everyone says hi to them as we pass by!
Green Birdie, male peeping into the egg box

Birdie Budgie Love bird

My first pet birds, Boku and Birdie, seven years back.

Eggs of blue bird Love bird eggs

The intelligent one Blue love bird

Afetr bath in the garden

New budgies are unfamiliar with environment and may make loud sounds. Train them well with schedules of eating and sleeping and you will find them the best of mates! Talk to them softly as they are very small. Never shout at them, they do not understand and if we increase our volume they will start fluttering and may get hurt in the cage. When they are irritable or too noisy  keep the cage in corner and cover it with cloth. Make slow movements when going near them or trying to touch them. They will respond to your sound.
In case of eggs, a female budgie lays eggs, put bits of torn news paper in 1 inch or small size inside near her cage. She will do the rest of making bits of tiny balls for her nest.  Put the nest at end of the food container so that opening the door while feeding of love bird babies will be convenient without disturbing the nest daily. Every alternate day the female lays eggs. Till the number seven. Try to keep the cage with some privacy for the eggs in case of visitors.
Gym exercises, Blue bird boku

Baby Finch 
Goldie love bird
Mitthin Female Alexandrine Parrot

Baby Alexandrine Parakeet
Honey and Birdie 

Goldie after her eye surgery the boil has dried

If possible try to remove the cage from the box for sometime daily so that they get fresh air and the box also is aired. But for this time the surrounding area may become dirty with their pellets and they do make a mess with their seeds!
There is no need to tie the door as they do not come out on own, but some intelligent mischievous budgies are so curious, our honey once came out of her cage and was sitting when my husband saw here and quietly closed the terrace garden door, or else she would have accidentally gone flying and she is not aware of the outside world as we brought her when she was tiny. .
 In case of birds coming out of cage accidentally while playing, first of all they will not, yet such accidents happen unknowingly, be calm and take situation in control by slowly closing windows and doors without scaring your pet bird. If they fly it is a sad loss for both of us ,as they are not trained with the outside world of birds and large birds. immediately close all doors and windows and hold with hand and put them back into the cage. They cannot fly for long distances and will fall and get hurt with any furniture. Our Boku , the intelligent one had flown from eleventh floor kitchen window but she had weak wings, in fact her one wings was damaged at birth, I think , she was also small in weight and size, so she just flew down, we saw here on the ground, a stark cerulean heavenly blue,  and luckily God wished, she was found , my son brought her, she bit him, and then  she stayed for so many years after that!
Favorite biscuit
Very important for your love birds health is time out. If you wish to give them time out of cage close all doors and windows and allow them to play outside for some time, fly, remove all objects that can harm them or they get stuck up in wires. Then put the budgies back inside the cage leading them with leaf or putting by hand, but they will bite. Can gradually push by tail and lead till the cage and them they enter on own. My budgies are trained on a laundry box lid, Plastic with holes, they love to play summer saults and hide and seek, peek a boo. They come willingly on the lid and I put them back in their cage after play time. This keeps them fresh, healthy and active.
Be careful with the objects in their cage and the edges. In case their wings getting stuck in wooden planks, wooden rods, slides or swings,  free with hand. Fighting with each other , happens when there are many females,  gently use a firm voice to keep quiet and they listen after a few sessions. Do not leave them alone when fighting, we had experiences when Angel came and Blue bird was angry. She was a loner and had got attached to me and not to her mate birdie.  .
Always Check when your birds are making too much noise or extensive chattering for any danger. And also be alert for unusual sounds for sickness or any external danger to your pet birds .
They will play on their own and do not require constant attention. Keep healthy and safe toys in their cage. Add fruits of your birds love them. You can also add sprouted small beans if they accept. A mixture of seeds and vegetables is great.
Going on a vacation- care for your budgies- While going out for a day or more, keep their cage on a safe table or safe place with precautions that ants don’t come near them. Check the door lid and in case your pet budgies are super active and curious you need to keep the doors securely tied. Keep window closed in the room but curtains open for sunlight. If going out overnight keep extra amounts of food, more leaves on their cage and extra biscuits, breads and rice. Do not cover with cloth if you are going out for many days as they will naturally sleep when the sun sets and wake up on light of the dawn. as they will sleep when outside is dark. For longer trips like two weeks or more give them to friends or neighbours with proper instructions as it is unsafe to keep them for longer periods alone.
plants grown from bird seed
Trying out new foods or fruits if they are willing. Is an interesting aspect if you have time and lots of patience. I had grown special foods, fresh greens from their seeds and they loved this!
Over the years , six to seven years, we have fed them ,played with them, made interesting swings, play time, created new games, and trained them well, also assisted in surgery when my Goldie had a boil near her eye and successfully healed with reiki along with two times surgical removal of pus.., and blue bird had egg binding, goldie had lost a foot and grown a club shaped new one..boku flew from eleventh floor and was found and lived for many years... we give honey calcium supplements , important for egg laying female budgies, fish cuttle bone to chew on. More exercise is required for easy egg laying. In case your budgie lays too many eggs they become weak, try to stop this habit by removing egg boxes and papers, so that they do not keep laying more eggs.
Goldie and angel playing ring a ring a roses
 If you need any guidance on love birds, budgie care do comment , I would be more than happy to guide you with your budgie love bird care. I am not a qualified pet trainer and I do not have any pet shop, it is just for the love of Budgies! I have more bird friends than humans!
In My Garden as the exotic birds sing...Painting on paper 9.5x13.5 inches

 Hope this helps! All the Best from Rizwana!
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