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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

How to collect seeds of Cardinal Cypress Climber Red Cardinal / Cypress Vine Trumpet Shaped Red flowers

Red Cardinal Vine 

Red Cypress Vine Flower
 Red Cardinal/Cypress Vine, the most easiest growing climber with beautiful tiny red flowers. Not only does this bring beauty to hot summers but the large spread of its sticky vines spread like wild and soon take over any fence or garden wall.
Red Flowering Climber 
 The flowers are really beautiful, delicate, trumpet shaped, vermilion red, bright. Healing to look at the greens covered with a blanket of red! The vine goes to spread fast and has sticky surface, do not touch the vine with hands , it may sometimes bring out allergic reaction if your skin is delicate, like rash. The sticky surface of vine helps it to cling to ropes, poles and trellis. And it spreads from all directions , each stem will have many baby shoots springing out that helps the climber to grow really fast.
Trumpet Shaped red Flowers Cardinal vine
While we have the seeds scattered in soil in every container they just spring to life , and if the original plant in container is weak then this climber takes over the whole container. My Terrace Garden maintenance after winters has given some quiet moments with plants, trimming, re potting, and organizing, ...some are really quiet..I hope they survive... but the stem are there is hope. There was no option as they had overgrown roots in their homes and within half day they would shrivel in need of water.
Plump Bud of Red Amaryllis Lilly Flower 
Red amaryllis at night

 over grown Roots in soil 

plants  re potting

 Collecting Seeds of Cypress Vine -
1) The flowers will be everywhere and it is difficult to choose seeds. See and keep in selection list  the most mature flowers that are about to dry and has plump base.
2) Do not pluck the flowers when fresh, you will not get any seeds.
3) Let the flowers dry well on the vine , allow the flowers to drop off when dried.
4) Allow the flowers to dry in full sunlight on the plant, this works best and gives fresh plants from seeds faster.
5) Do take care that the seeds do not scatter as dried pods will fall off the plant anytime.
6) The black seeds are dried, yet I love to keep them for some hours in sunlight and then plant, somehow this gives me new plants quickly after potting.
7) Be careful of new plants from seeds, do not add fertilizer when the plant is new and protect from birds.
Does not need a large container the cardinal cypress vine  grows happily along with other plants also.
Red Huge Amaryllis flower close up
 Meanwhile the Red Amaryllis has its majestic stem loaded with plump buds and flowers. We have nearly forty bulbs (all from a single parent bulb!) in different containers.  So strange feelings, there are the so tiny red cardinal vine flowers and the same type red amaryllis lily flowers are nearly twenty times large in size and so huge, I love Gardening, it teaches us so many lessons and quite an inspiration unlimited!!! I Love Red! Root chakra activation , healing, and feng shui fire, motivational energy!
Feng Shui Garden Tip- grow this in south and south east sector, it works wonders to fame, and wealth luck!
Red cardinal Vine 
Thank you for coming by Garden Care Simplified!
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
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