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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

8 Important Point while setting up a water fountain in your garden for bird bath and water for bird drinking

With just a little thought for your bird friends, a beautiful pot and a few other materials, you can create an inviting space in your garden that will soothe jangled nerves and give the birds a pretty drinking spot. They will not only come for a cool dip in the hot summers but also bring you loads of feng shui heaven luck.

A water bird bath, a plate, a container, also a water feature does all that. It can be as simple as a flat-bottomed bowl for a birdbath or as dramatic as an elaborate waterfall. Or you can do as we did and turn one gorgeous container into a bubbling fountain suitable for a flower bed, deck or just about any place in your garden. Even the border fence can have small containers filled with water as ornamental beauty as well as arty image of lined up birds of happiness. 
Water fountain 

My Terrace Garden bird bath 
 While setting up a water feature in your garden as bird bath consider some important points-

1) Choose your pot and the area where it will be displayed carefully keeping in mind your friendly visitors, birds. -- This I have experienced a lot, and thus my water bath has shifted many places in our terrace garden till we found a comfortable one for both of us! that is me-for keeping the water bath  clean and them for flying off freely and coming for a drink. Birds need a wide wing span to come by flying and also take off after the dip. So a narrow place and hidden pots will invite less birds.
2) you'll need an electrical outlet nearby for water fountain. -  chose a frost-proof , heat proof stoneware water feature. they remain cool even in hot summers and electric wires need to be sealed off carefully and tied securely so that they don't trap tiny feet into these wires
3)  If you want to paint the inside of the pot, bird water feeder, think very carefully as birds are going to drink this water and paints , however costly of good quality they are may be harmful for your bird friends. I choose a stone container , cement one also will do, this requires some scrubbing as moss accumulates frequently , but it keeps the water cool. 
4) Size of hose pipes and pumps, outlets and inlets. Again this is very important a small birds likes sparrows also come for a drink and they may get stuck or sucked in by hose pipes in water features. Ensure proper checking of sealers and hose hooks, drain lids, securely while the fountain is in action. 
5) No exposed wires and no water comes in contact with wires.
6) If any machinery, pump, is outside the water fountain tie it securely in place with tape. There must be no loose wires surrounding your water fountain for birds.
7) check the size of rocks added to your water fountain. I love rocks! and this also acts as stepping stones for my lovely heavenly friends. See that the rocks are not sharp edged and that they are securely placed int eh water feature. 
8) Check the pressure with which water falls. A soft bubble and slow trickle is best if you want your birds to come by.
Meanwhile on our terrace garden front, clearing off so much clutter, shortlisted to lesser plants. cleared off broken pots...the obsession to replant even in cracked pots has come low, parted with few sick plants and let go of old containers. ..phew ..feeling so much better! Organized, freeing space brings fresh energy and welcoming new opportunities
and what more, with supply of food and water,  the pigeons are always at work, laying eggs and making babies! The ffagrant yellow shevanthi flowers bring a fresh aroma of citrus fragrances and the soothing off white spiritual peace lilies are covered in the whole rectangular pot at its majestic best! 
Pure Peace lily flowering tips
Pigeon laying egg Garden care simplified
Again blessed with awesum Amaryllis red lilly flowers, they are so majestic, they form the central focus in our garden always!
Amaryllis Flowers at night
So it is true! God gives life, and the saying is truly apt! Jako rakhe sayeyan, mar sako na just by fluke, the avocado ball sized seed has sprung up into a beautiful plant with large sized leaves. again giving me a nostalgic thought of so many tries I had faced for growing some plants...and yet they did not survive...and this little one after so many days in the center for organic vegetables, transport and refrigerated and yet the Avocado seed came to life! Nature is magical!

Avocado Plant from seed

Creative expressions Exotic plant flower photos as prints 
Shevanthi flowers 
  Sharing my Dream Home, a small painting done in year 2014.
My Dream Home
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