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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera Plant
The aloe vera plant is very easy to grow and can be grown in any conditions. It can tolerate sunlight and even grow in shade. Water requirements are not much and it likes to grow in a part which receives sunlight for some hours. It is a voracious grower and one has to be careful as it grows very fast and multiplies with double speed.
I have kept my aloe vera plant in a small plastic tub to keep a check on its growth. It can be transplanted with small saplings which emerge around the mother plant. The plant will not tolerate direct sunlight for loan hours and the leaves may burn and die. Also do not over water this plant and it likes a well draining soil to be planted in.
This plant has been seen for ages and everyone knows the benefits and medicinal uses of Aloe vera. With gels for face, creams for healing to hair care products and even for health aloe vera has come up as a winner in many fields. many people use the plant directly though it is advisable to use a refined and company aloe vera product to avoid any side effects and rashes due to direct usage.
Avoid placing the plant at eye level and keep it at a lower or higher level. The tiny spikes are not clearly visible and anyone may get hurt.
Many people eat the inside fleshy part of the plant leaf to get relief from constipation and stomach problems. Only the the inside of the leaf is edible and the rest outer covering of the plant has thorns. One has to be very careful in handling aloe vera due to these spikes on the outside of the leaves. The gel and mushy inside part can also be used for skin applications to heal scarred skin, rashes and pimples. Aloe vera clears the skin of blemishes and gives the skin a bright glow.
There are many companies who promote aloe vera products in health care and skin care range. Its medicinal uses are well known and many aloe vera products are available even over the counter in chemist shops.
I personally do not use any of these products or the parts of the plant , whatsoever for anything! I am very stingy in using any skin care products and my skin is allergic to most of the products ,hence my advice for all is to plant this aloe vera for its beauty and rarity . Due to the commercial potential of aloe vera this plant is becoming rare so do plant the aloe vera but keep it in a small container to control excessive growth and to ward off pests!

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