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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cream Coloured Fragrant Flowering Climber

Cream Flowering Climber
This is a beautiful fragrant climber. The flowers are of cream colour and the climber looks like any other climber having medium sized green leaves. Like the jai and juhi flowers I do not know which plant is this. The fragrance is somewhat fruity and citrus type.The fragrance spreads whenever wind blows in that direction. The person standing near this plant can get the full experience of the citrus smell , and the smell is stronger mostly in the evenings.
For many years this climber did not flower and I was wondering if it ever will. My per parakeet did the work. She pinched the plant and all my woes went unanswered after stopping her so much, but this had a good effect on the plant and for preservation of self the plant gave beautiful bunches of flowers.
Tip- Requires pinching and trimming sometimes to encourage flowering. This climber is a very simple plant that does not require much care. Take care to plant it where it receives sunlight for some time, a partially shaded area would be best.
Close Up of Fragrant Cream Coloured Flower

New Buds on Flowering ClimberThis climber can be guided on a wall or a trellis for getting a wonderful shade as well as privacy from neighbors. My plant has been trimmed very often since it did not flower for some years.
After changing places in the garden and many pots,  now it rests wonderfully in a big pot along with another climber of passion fruit.
According to Feng Shui plants having cream coloured flowers can be placed in the north or west direction for getting good opportunities in career as well as encouraging creativity in children.  Placing cream coloured flowers in the north west encourages one to get helpful and encouraging  friends.  When such plants having cream coloured flowers are placed in the southwest area they help in improving relationships, helps to mend relationships as well as improve existing ones to better understanding.
The fragrance is citrus type and people suffering from anxiety and mood disorders could also benefit with this plant. Since it is proved that citrus fragrance helps to relax and elevate the mood such fragrant climbers are a must in any garden and they also help in making the garden design attractive.

1 comment:

  1. Hello ma'am !

    May I know the name of this beautiful flowering climber?

    can you tell me some good climbers/creepers/vines?
    I wanna grow some....

    - Jas


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