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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Container Gardening From Scrap Plant pots from broken ceramics

Container gardening with scrap yes this is very true, to begin a garden you just can with some home used old containers, this type of gardening. is becoming very popular due to the crunch of land available. Many people living in flats also make use of the window sill to make a container garden. There are many containers that you can plant and make a beautiful garden in a very small space.
Where do you start? before beginning  the journey of container gardening and spending lots of money first you can begin with containers at home. I have used broken ceramic milk/ tea mugs for a very good use. Though the coffee mugs are small in size they are sufficient to grow ornamental plants. They do not require much water or much care and enjoy their position on the window sill with early sunlight to make food.

Purple Ornamental Plant

Heart Shaped Leaves in Container
I had money plant for many years in this pot and one day it cracked. Since this is an antique vase I did not want to part with it.  This glass transparent container was cracked from below and I applied some binder to the base. Using left over glass paint and coloring the glass bowl made it look like a new attractive vase. Once it could hold some water I planted the ornamental plant which requires the least care in it. The colourful dotted plant with heart shaped leave sis in abundance in my garden and it can be seen growing in all containers with other plants. So it was easy to get some blooming plant to plant in this glass container. Now this container is enjoying  in the garden for a treat in the rains!
Ribbon Grass Growing in broken Fancy Mug
The coffee or tea mug is another very easy and cheap container that every household has. The most common problem we all face is broken handles of these mugs. The mugs are very beautiful and sturdy but of no use to drink since they have lost their handles. Put these coffee mugs to good use by planting some ornamental plant in this. Here I have palnetd the ribbon grass which does not require much care and it looks very attractive.
So it is very easy to get containers at hand without any expenses. Just take a round of your store room or junk yard and get out some broken utensils or jars, fill up soil and gravel and viola! you have a container garden without much investment and that too unique and beautiful.With so many attractive planters available for free you need not buy expensive containers for your garden.
Many people use baskets, cartons, or even wood boxes of fruits to plant. I had also planted in my sons gumboots and these were the highlight of the garden. There is also a plastic helmet which has been used for ornamental dark green flowering plant.
Tips- Container gardening is very easy and these fancy plant containers can be placed on a table near the window or on the window sill. But care has to be taken that they receive some amount of sunlight whether it is early morning or early evening sunlight. The healthy growth of plant is essential and care has to be taken regarding the watering of these plants. I have tried many plants before getting this successful combination of plant and container. Over watering or under watering will create problems so choose easy growing plants for small containers.
Since there are no drainage holes below such ceramic containers the water may get clogged so it is advisable to select plants that an tolerate over watering. The right selection of plants for the planter is most important for successful container gardening.
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All Photographs and Content are My Original Copyright Reserved © 2010  Rizwana A.Mundewadi

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