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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Cherry Tree in Container

Flowers on Cherry Tree
 The cherry blossoms are very beautiful and the tree looks very attractive when it is full of cherry blossoms. This tree is very famous and with a small garden this was a real challenge to grow cherry tree in a container. The tree grew very afst and had green foliage.
Container growing has become necessary and nowadays with less availability of free land. Many trees can be grown in containers though they are no replacement to the healthy growth of trees on land.People especially love to grow fruit trees and I just luckily got a cherry plant from my local plant nursery.
The cherry tree requires feeding regularly and focusing on the fruiting will give good yield of fruits. I have let my tree grow naturally and need to focus on the fruiting aspect. My plant has shown good growth in container with every six months it is full of cherry blossoms. The wind it too strong near our garden and this is the most important negative point as the cherries fall off before becoming mature.
Close Up of Cherry Blossom
 Trimming the new growth of leaves and branches will also help to yield more fruits. Keeping the tree small in container will help. The leaves are green in colour and this looks very good and can tolerate direct sunlight.
One thing important is that the leaves and tree have very tiny spikes or thorns maybe which are not visible to the eyes. Due to this one must avoid close contact with the plant with bare hands. If you start getting itchy and scratched on your hands clean it with soap and water immediately and apply an antiseptic cream to avoid more itching and rash. The skin coming in contact with the tree becomes inflamed and red and scratching will make it worse.
Close Up of Pink Cherry on Tree

Close Up of Cherry fruit on Tree

Last year I treated myself with a red cherry that grew hidden in thick foliage of the tree. The lone cherry fruit this year which has grown on the cherry tree in container was feasted upon by some bird!. I think I will have to shift this plant to a more comfortable area with less wind. I will definitely focus on the feedings and improve the fruiting of this plant, Get back to you with good yields!
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  1. I have shifted this plant finally (Sep, 2011) in a better place where it can receive partial sunlight through out the day and also avoid strong winds, trying my luck this time for a good bounty!


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