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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Flowering Stages of The Yellow Jhendu Flower

This is a beautiful Jhendu or marigold plant which has fragrant flowers. With the rains in full swing this plant has become very full grown and fully laden with yellow flowers. Its fresh green leaves look very healthy and happy.
I have lost many marigold plants before, due to lack of knowledge on growth about these plants.So many colours are available with oranges, reds, yellows and also some plants having flowers of the shading colours of yellow and orange or red , I had taken and planted many times with no success.
Every time I lost them due to the pigeons or the rats God knows who were after these plants. Many times I have seen rats love to nibble on these and even in one night the whole plant will get nibbled along with its flowers.So beware if you have rats nearby, we have had clear times now and I hope the rats do not come back!thanks for once for the new constructions of towers!

Leaves of the Jhendu Flower
 With the pleasant climate during rains this plant has got the growth boost. It is full of green leaves and flowers. I being an plant lover along with nature lover was compelled to see the progress of flowers in this jhendu plant. The process of flowering is very novel. We can see only small buds appear in large numbers on the plant and very soon the whole plant looks covered with baby buds.
New Bud appearing on the Jhendu Plant
 The stages of flowering of the jhendu flower are very slow and progressive to watch. As the bud grows little speck of yellow is visible on the buds. This grows in size and more of yellow is seen. The flower develops gradually inside the bud and the bud will appear to increase in size.
Growth of Bud on the Jhendu Plant

Seen in this picture is a white pest which si common in these plants. I try to remove them manually as if they increase in numbers the plant will die, like I have lost many Hibiscus plants. No amount of spraying pesticides or water washing will help if they take over the plant.

Roots of  Jhendu Plants
Transplanting of this Jhendu flowering plant is very easy and it take scare of itself. There are many tiny roots that the plant sprouts on the stems. This plant grows from sides and I have also cut some stems and planted in new pots.
Tips- Most important tips are to pay attention to the watering! After losing so many plants I have understood that the most important tip for success in growing marigold is to water regularly till the plant roots itself. This jhendu plant requires well draining soil and will die in water clogged soil. Does not tolerate direct sunlight and prefers to grow under big trees. Pest like the white aphids can attack this plant so beware and take care.

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