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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kaner Flowering Plant

Close Up of Kaner Leaves

Kaner Flower Buds

Close up of  White Kaner Flower Buds
The Kaner is a very sturdy and tough plant. It can tolerate direct sunlight for hours and also gives blooms all year round. In fact this is the plant that always has flowers on it no matter what the season and no matter the feedings!
I have a pink coloured flowering Kaner plant and a white coloured one. I also wished to have the bush variety but did not go ahead as information regarding this plant on the internet shows that this plant is poisonous. Yes it has a strong bitter fragrance but the blooms are very attractive and lovely. I like the pink Kaner as well as the white one. The white flowers against the background of the sky look almost heavenly. When I see the flowers against the sky in the evening just before sun set the flowers glow as if they are flowers from heaven.
There is another plant which grows like a bush called the Oleander Kaner and this give yellow coloured flowers. They are beautifully shaded yellow and cream coloured flowers and this Oleander Kaner is seen in mnay places planted as borders of the garden. They do not require special care except for few trimming sif you wish to give it a proper shape of the bush.
The leaves of the Kaner are thick and green in colour. Elongated leaves and strong stem give the Kaner plant strength to face strong winds and hence makes it a tough plant. The plant bends and sways with the wind but comes back to its original position. I love this plant for its strength and flowering ability through out the year.
The plant develops seeds as a growth of pod. there are very small seeds that look like rice inside the hairy mass of root like substance in the pod. If the pod is plucked before maturing the seeds have not developed then you will not be able to grow a new plant from this. 
New growth can be seen from side of the original mother plant. The plant can grow huge as a very big tree when planted in soil on the ground. When a mature pod is cut one can get many number of small rice like seeds which can be planted in controlled conditions to develop into new Kaner plants.
There are many varieties of kaner and one can plant the bushy flowering type in which the blooms look like rose flowers from a distance.
With no special care and any particular water requirements the Kaner is among one of the easiest and tough flowering plants to grow.
Pink Kaner Flower
Tip for Growing Kaner:- If you have planted the Kaner in a container and wish to have a bushy growth then keep trimming along the length of the plant. If you let it grow naturally the main stem will grow tall and lanky and the plant will look dull. To encourage new and bushy growth of the plant trim from the tips f the stems sot hat new growth develops from all sides and with many branches the plant looks a lot bushier and full. This plant needs sunlight and place it in such a place where it gets loads of sunlight.
I f you have pets please be careful as the leaves are supposed to be poisonous. Keep away from children, and my plant container has been kept on a height so that we can enjoy the beauty of flowers all year round.


  1. Hi even I m a plant lover n even I have a small terrace garden.I have a pink kaner n it hasn,t bloomed yet hoping for the best results ahead.i read your blog n found it useful to make my kaner plant bushy .thanks a lot.bye

    1. Hello my corner, yes it is essential that you trim the lanky stems, for them to focus on thick stem and blooms.All the Best from Rizwana!


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