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Friday, July 1, 2011

Vinca Rose plant/ The Flowering Sada Phuli/ Periwinkle Plant

Periwinkle plants are seen from ages and they are available in many colours. There was a belief that this ever green bush was an indication that all is well. It was and is considered auspicious and a symbol of prosperity. Every where it is seen, that this bush is always laden with flowers in bloom. The flowers have a bitter smell and some mention this to be good for your health. Also some old people mention to place the pot near the window to get this bitter fragrance over your house to ward off evil spirits and maintain good health. I am not so sure of all this and my plant is in a small pot on one corner of the garden with colorful dark pink and light pink blooms.
The Pink Periwinkle/ Sada Phuli Flower

This periwinkle plant can be grown very easily from flowers dropping aside in the pot. Since this is a voracious grower this plant has to be kept under control. I remember I had this plant blooming in all my pots, and I had to remove all of them and place them in a tub aside from the other plants. Sada phuli or ever green as it is known in India is available in many colours. Pink ones are the most hardiest species as compared to the other ones. I also had a plant that had shaded flowers in pink and white but unfortunately it died due to over water clogging in rains. There are white blooms and pink ones and there are many other colours like red or maroon also.
This ever green plant does not require much care and can take care of itself. Growth and propagation is from seeds in flowers that fall off with the wind. My plant has dark pink attractive blooms and the best part of this plant is that it flowers all year round and without any care. This periwinkle plant looks very attractive with the plant full of flowers.
There is another very sturdy one which has lighter pink/ purple colour blooms. This variety is the most commonest and can be seen growing every where in houses, societies as well as roads as they require very little care. The baby plant can be repotted in another pot and it roots very fast. One thing I like to mention is that there is no age for flowering and even a very small plant will be full of flowers.
Tips; Avoid over watering and pot is a well drained soil. It does not like clogged soil and stagnant water as the plant will rot. One important tip is to maintain some distance from other pots as this plant has the tendency to take over your whole garden and within days you will see a evergreen garden full of pink blooms and the other plants may not take this well.

Happy Gardening from Rizwana!
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