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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Breath Taking View Of Rohtang Pass Snow Covered Mountains Manali

Rohtang Pass a familiar site for any tourist visiting Manali and Himachal Pradesh in India is a very attractive tourist spot, a must visit for any healer and here I was enjoying at the top of the majestic mountains of Rohtang pass, ladakh border. A beautiful place and out of this world feeling, the experience of driving up so many thousands of feet above ground level, the huge valley, the snow capped mountain tops and the glistening sunrise from above the mountainous region  all in all is in itself an enlightening experience.Make my definitely has all the places in your budget and your choice and with so many options to choose from it is an easy way to travel and visit places and enjoy your vacations.Also perks and facilities added with no extra cost. The view from the roads is very good and as we travel above the ground we see thousands and lakhs of vehicles crossing the roads at each level, all in enthusiasm and awe to reach the peak, and once you reach the top of the snow covered mountains it is an esctasic feeling of joy, achievement, and happiness!
Breath taking view of Rohtang Pass  Ladakh
The domesticated animals graze in freezing temperatures and look so heavenly. The Yak fully loaded with heavy fur and the innocent white mares and horses seen as if from another world , just like angels!
Fascinating Himachal Pradesh

View of Rohtang Himalyan Mountains
Viewing the sunrise was never so wonderful, right from above so many thousands of feet above the ground level. The gushing water falls coming form the huge mountains as if from the heavens and the slow thawing of the ice on the mountains Manali, Himachal Pradesh is a beautiful place for any tourist and especially Rohatng is a must see and experience place to visit.
Switzerland in India

Snow Covered Mountains in Manali Rohtang
If heaven was here it seems so right , India looks almost like Switzerland!
View of Himachal Pradesh from Roerich Art Gallery

Wild Horses Gazing in the Snow Covered Mountains
Beautiful Baes River in Manali
The Baes river flows with gushing sounds all day and night and the flow pressure increase with every fortnight full moon and no moon. The snow rides, the water rafting and the river crossing there are also many other water sports to enjoy here in Manali.
The Great Mountains Top of Rohtang
 come back refreshed and fresh!

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