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Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to Use Plant Gardens as Mood Uplifters Mood Uplifter Gardens

Moods, happy, sad, gloomy, angry, sexy passionate, depressed, ecstatic, joy, refreshing, energetic  and what not, humans are daily doses of moods fluctuating according to the situations we face. Whenever I go into my garden never is it the same. Sometimes when I am sad I enter and feel happy. Sometimes when feeling low I sit for a while and talk observe each plant and somehow after a few minutes there is a surge of new positive energy and the mood changes. 
Yes gardens are a very effective mood uplifters and mood balancers. Scientifically proved to uplift your senses and emotions gardens have been and will always be God's way to be near us and help us. It is very easy to plant a mood garden. Focus on fragrance, colour, texture and size when beginning to plant a mood garden. First of all see how much space is available for the garden as too many plants will create clutter and not fulfill the motive you desire from your garden. Another aspect is flowering plants which need commitment to, as they only give flowers with care..
For a mood garden you need good pots , because cheap pots may break sooner and looking at broken pots will mar the effect and purpose of your mood garden. Here you may go in for regular mud pots or ceramic fancy ones, all depends upon your budget and personal choice. There are umpteen varieties of plant containers and fancy pots available in market from which you can choose. Do consider the size of pots and containers ,as too large pots will make your garden look overpowering and plants dwarfed. Whereas the opposite is true for very small pots and large plants where you will always get the feeling  of restriction and feel crammed in small space.

Anant /Gardenia, Fragrant flowering plant

Orange Fruit Plant in Container

Orange Fruit Flower Citrus Fragrance

Passion Fruit Flower

Musty Raw Nature fragrance Passion Flower

Mogra Flower Plant, Heavenly Fragrance

Roses , heavenly Sweet Fragrance

White Roses for peace Relaxation and Calm

Nilgiri raw jungle Fragrance from Colourful lantana Flowering Plants

Orchid Flowering Plant , Raw Nature, Woody, Jungle Fragrance

Jasmine Flowering Climber Heavenly Sweet Fragrance for Relaxation and Happiness

Curry Leaves Herb plant  Mood Uplifter

King of Flowers, Rose Garden for happiness, focus  and Energy
Selection of plants a  major important decision in making a mood uplifter and mood balancer garden. Select fragrant flowering plants. here we have many categories of fragrant flowering plants. Some are citrus some sweet, some heavenly and some fragrant flowers emit a jungle nature fragrance, as rusty, wooden. You can go in for your personal likes as people differ in selection of fragrances. Some people like citrus fragrances like in lemon plant, orange plant and many citrus fruit plants. The flowers are very fragrant and the fragrance is scientifically proved to uplift moods, reduce depression and mood disorders and gives a sense of happiness and relaxation.
So control anger with fragrances, uplift your mood with flowers and increase your energy and re-energize yourself  with a mood up lifter garden.
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Thank You, All the Best!

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