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Friday, July 20, 2012

Apple Orchards in Himachal Pradesh Naggar Kullu

Apple Trees in Himachal Pradesh Naggar Kullu
 The visit to Himachal pradesh was not only an healing experience in my spiritual journey it was also a bonus for the gardener in me. With loads of colourful flowers everywhere growing like wild even on the snow clad mountains it sure looked like a place of imagination and fantasy. Imagine we caring so much for our plants and these flowers growing on the mountains and hills without any care, free and at peace.
Apple Tree Loaded with Apple Fruits
The apple orchards are one of the highlight spots in Naggar Kullu. With apple trees growing everywhere , in every home, and in every nook and corner we saw apple trees , all loaded with juicy apple fruits. The apples at this time of the year are green and raw and would ripe after few months. The apple fruits would be ready to eat after august month and would be transported to every place and city in India and exported internationally.
Close Up of Green Apple Fruits on Tree

Growing apple tree in container has been a dream and after enquiring about the growth patterns of apple trees maybe I may move ahead to grow apples in containers. Only difficult part is that apples require cold temperatures, now this is the tricky part, as installing any artificial environment unit would cost much much more. But even cherry tree, which requires cold temperatures,  is growing fine and healthy giving lots of cherry blossoms , still working on tips for getting more fruits, I think need to plant another cherry tree nearby for pollination to get good yield of fruits.
Apple Tree Loaded with Raw Green Fruits

Juicy Green Apple Fruit on Tree
Not only were the apples on trees inviting but a rare experience as we do not get to see fruit trees and even if there are they are never left with fruits on!

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