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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Neem Plant Growing in Container

Neem has many health benefits and since many years neem trees have been grown for their health benefits in every society and home. Not only are their leaves beneficial their fruits are also used for medicinal purposes.
Neem seeds dried on plant
Neem plants can be grown easily in container by purchasing a small plant and planting it in a well draining soil. The neem tree can tolerate strong sunlight and the breeze coming from apst the neem tree is beneficial for health. Since ages neem leaves have been used as antiseptic and added in bathing water to heal boils, rashes and skin problems. Neem drinks are also used for weight loss and as blood purifiers to prevent pimples and rashes on skin.
Healthy neem Plant growing in pot
Though we now have many ready made beauty and health products containing neem as a base and important product many old people still prefer to bathe with water with fresh neem leaves added to it to purify and heal skin. Not only does your skin glow it also acts as a whitening agent in neem that refreshes your skin.
Neem Plant in container

Neem Fruit from neem tree
 The neem plant looks very similar to the curry leaves plant except for the fragrance and smell of the leaves which is very distinct in curry leaves. The neem plant can be trimmed from the top to encourage side healthy bushy growth.

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