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Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Flowering of Ornamental Plant with Funnel Shaped Leaves

Funnel Shaped Leaves on Ornamental Plant
Flowering of Ornamental Plant
 People love flowering plants but seldom do we think about the shape of leaves. yes there are plenty of different shapes we can see in leaves. No two plants have similar leaves. Like the rose plant has ridged edges on the border of its leaves, some like the ajwain have circular leaves whereas the chickoo leaf is elongated leaf shaped and the gulmohar has tiny leaves coming out from each stem of leaf.

White Flowers in Bunches on Ornamental Plant
The ornamental plant has funnel shaped leaves which grow from a single straight stem. the plant looks very majestic with its tall stem growing leaves on its sides. The growth from the stem was straight and with only green leaves until it formed a flower pod, which was in fact a pod like the spider lily or the champa plant.
The end of the leafed stem had this pod which gave out white beautiful leaves . The growth pattern is very similar to the spider lily or lily plant except for the rare and different shape of leaves and the growing pattern of single stem.
Feng shui garden would definitely include this ornamental plant as the stem growing erect has good positive energy. The best place to grow this plant in your garden according to feng shui principles is the north and north west for career and helpful friends and travel luck. many people dream of working abroad and overseas contracts but many times luck does not favor them . growing white flowering plants in the north west section will not only boost foreign job prospects but also hasten the interviews process and bring good career opportunities. Thus growing plants not only benefit in keeping the environment healthy but also welcomes positive energy into your home and life.
Care of white flowering  ornamental plant- This beautiful flowering Ornamental plant does not require much care and grows well in partially shaded area which receives some direct morning sunlight. White flowers are growing in bunches and look very similar to the white champa/ frangipani  flowers.  The flowering plant does not tolerate direct sunlight and will grow best in a place which receives partial sunlight for some hours of the day.
It is very important to help the plant grow in straight pattern and it may be advisable to select a place for your container near a wall or tie the plant to protect it from wind. Avoid placing the ornamental plant where it receives heavy blast of wind.


  1. Hi Rizwana,
    I'm Stopping for the first time. It was a nice experience to read your posts. I too have a terrace garden. But as you have said in your older posts, I like to invite birds. Please post more information on the same. Pay a visit to my blog when you can:-)

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Thanks for stopping by, yes I would love to write about birds, in fact I have just come after a holiday and my birds are flooding here!
    Visited your blog, it is wonderful and you are a gem of a talented person! from the stockings flowers and the glass paintings I too have done crotchet and embroidery earlier. Recently I uplifted our old glass center table with abstract glass painting.
    Very nice to have you, do keep in touch.


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