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Friday, August 14, 2015

Original Brahma Kamal Plant Flowers Photographs and Video from an Awesum Reader Chitra from Pune Thank You

This is so so so Awesum, Thanks a  Ton Chitra for sharing this happiness with all of us!  these wonderful photographs of the Majestic Brahma Kamal flowers.What a great Video capture experiencing the moments with the bloom. It has been noted that there are many who pray, respect and wish for while the flower blooms, there is a belief that Brahma Himself appears in this form, a God of Creation, and only when he is pleased does the flower bloom. Thank you so much Chitra!
Over to Chitra!
Hello Rizwana,

I am Chitra from Pune.....came across your blog while 
searching for nurseries in Delhi where Brahmakamal plant can be 
bought (for a friend)! 
The Bud

Flower Slowly opening

Brahma Kamal Flower in Bloom

Fully Bloomed Awesum Sight

Flower Closed early Morning

4 Buds of the Nine Buds Due to bloom in a couple of days on Brahma Kamal Plant

I have a Brahmakamal plant here which has enthralled me with 
its awesome flowers ! Right now there are nine buds ready to bloom 
in a couple of days. I will send some pics and perhaps a video for 

My friend gave me a stem with a couple of leaves about three 
years flowers the first year...the second year there were 
five buds...four of them fell off and only one bloomed...what a joy 
it brought to all of us ! this is the third year four have bloomed 
already and another nine buds are there ready to bloom in a couple 
of days time...must mention that here in Pune flowers come only 
during the monsoons (June end to Aug-Sept) and not every six months 
as some people have said in your blog !

Rizwana, please feel free to post this mail with the photos 
and video on your blog !
The Video is Breathtakingly Beautiful, feeling so blessed, Thank you so much Chitra for you wishes, yes sure I do hope I get to see these Awesum blooms and experience the magic of the Brahma Kamal!

the obsession with the Brahma Kamal bloom continues in my life... , in a good way, dedication, for pleasing Brahma, Himself, creation,  is what brings about and have also painted the Majestic blooms, 
Original Hand Painting acrylic on canvas of Brahma Kamal Flwoers by Rizwana A.Mundewadi
 in hope of wish fulfillment.Had shifted my plants in the Terrace garden for monsoons , hoping for some magic spurt in growth, but sad that bugs again start eating the leaves leaving holes and nibbled edges in the leaves and the plants call for help! so again they are back in the kitchen window! They sure love pampering attention!
Original hand painting of  Brahma Kamal bud
Once again Thanks Chitra!
and each one of you Awesum readers dont forget to connect on Face Book , group Garden Care Simplified and share your awesum plants.

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