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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Healthy Fresh Corn Pakoras Recipe Step by Step and Honey bee Hive in my Terrace Garden

Corn Maize pakoras recipe step by step

Rainy season and hot pakoras go hand in hand, always in the chilly rains we love too eat fresh fried bhajiyas. No,  I usually prefer healthy food but these are too tempting to not eat in cloudy atmosphere, cold chilly rains! Onions and potato pakoras are traditionally famous but new healthy options can be  made with frying vegetable pakoras. Spinnach, methi, brinjals, lady fingers all can be fried with using batter mixture for fresh pakoras.  I have tried and they taste Awesum. Try different types, slices of gourds, brinjals, lady fingers slit, cucumber slices, bolied egg slices, and enjoy.
Corn bhajiyas step by step recipe
Batter prepared for pakoras
1) Step one choose corn, bhutta of soft seeds. dried seeds do not give tasty pakoras.
2) Sharp knife remove the seeds. use batter of besan.
Fresh hot pakoras of corn, Maize pakoras at home
3) Add green chillies corriander, turmeric, salt to taste.
4) keep for some time and then fry in oil for crisp hot pakoras.
5) Green chutney or tomato sauce as accompaniment for this snack in the rains!
Enjoy home made! Be creative, try creative bhajiyas and pakoras.
Allamanda plant and Sun Set from my little space under the sun
On the garden front not opening the door one day due to rains, and we see a big bee hive, how fast these honey bees  work!  so was bitten by one and have a swelling on hand, part and parcel of gardening in the open is unexpected guests also come up! It has been removed for now and this is the third time they have tried to barge in the garden as there are lots of colorful flowering plants and party time for these honey collectors! however much we like honey we do not love these as there is always danger of getting a sting or pets getting attacked by bees. Large honey cultivators grow special plants for getting good honey but they go wearing protective clothing , which we cannot in small home garden  spaces.
Bee Hive in one day in my little space under the sun
 The blooms of fragrant white jasmine, juhi flowers are really large sized this time and have Awesum fragrance!
Fragrant Jasmine, Night blooming Jasmine flower

Honey Bee hive removed
All the Best from Rizwana!
Thank you for coming by Garden Care Simplified!
Have a Great Day from Rizwana!
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