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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Feeling the Loss of my pet Budgie Love Bird Goldie and Some Important Tips for Planting New Plants

Feeling the loss...We lost Goldie, our pet budgie love bird on 14th August at 5.15 pm. The struggle... she entered my life on 22 January 2013 and taught me so many lessons in life, discipline, never every give up ..and of course dedication and self less love. Only I was allowed the privilege to stroke her feathers , she had bit my son when he tried this!
Innocent Mischievous look playing hide and seek
Goldie, my pet love bird Golden bird, passed away evening at 5.15...she was a survivor...she entered my life on 22 January 2013..was sick with tumour in her stomach.when we bought her.quiet type.....she lived a well disciplined life...was very clean and shiny, really Gold...she was bit by the blue bird and was about to lose one foot...but she survived...her leg healed...I had made special room space in the large cage for her...since May 2015 she was suffering from boil near eye, which was healed after two surgeries...antibiotics...convulsions...fits..I did not understand how much pain she was going through and what her life journey was all about..
Goldie...Missing you...My Pet Love Bird
I would feed her by hand and she survived....Reiki healing helped a lot..prayers from friends and relatives..awesum face book friends....she bore it all ...a real crumbs mixture I would spread on the floor so she could eat leafy veges after persuasion she started to eat and regained health...but...since last week again the tumour came near her eye...she was fine till this time... she did not eat since yesterday...Please Pray! I know she must be happy on the swing.. on a large flowery swing with her friends...partner..she did not have any friends here except for me...
Some precious moments...that will now remain as memories...have to stop wishing her good morning and good night...habit..of conversing..and her interesting if she understood everything....and she really did...Goldie has been cremated with due respect in our garden...she will remain with us in the garden blooms...Love you Goldie!
Goldie Love Bird 

Playing Ring a Ring a Roses

Death is a bitter part of life...the loss no doubt is irreplaceable.
Coming back to gardening...With so much happiness we plant a fresh one and if this is not happy it does make us feels sad, losses are a part of life and gardening. Select a healthy plant and preferably with  some blooms on it. Check out these informative posts for more.
It also happens sometimes that some plants do not take well to your energy so don't fight this feelings just try planting another type of plants!
Best time to Buy New Plants
Five Reasons Why your newly Planted plant died
How to Grow Plants from Seeds

All the Best from Rizwana!

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