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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Spiceroute Inflight Magazine Maxposure Awesum Happiness to see in print my article Touching The Sky

Spiceroute Inflight Magazine Maxposure Awesum Happiness to see in print my article Touching The Sky.I am so so happy, so honored and so excited to see my gardening article in print, inflight magazine,  and Thanks a Lot Neelam, chief editor at Maxposure.
Neelam Singh
Executive Editor

Here is the link to share my Awesum happiness with all you Awesum followers and readers, "Touching the Sky" Thank you for being there!God Bless!
Touching the Sky

Inflight magazines are a great way to spend your time during flights when high up in the sky, especially a great constructive way to use your time enjoying your flight when all other devices are not available. Yes,  when we have to switch off our electronic devices a magazine in print, with interesting articles and photographs is a sure way to make the journey pleasant and what more you learn and get information that can be useful, and maybe just what you were looking out for! So have a good read and go creative with your vertical space wall gardening with this interesting article "Touching The Sky" in Spiceroute magazine September Issue.
Meanwhile at the terrace garden front, with my extended family, the loss no doubt is irreplaceable, still remembering my beautiful Golden Monk...
Goldie my Golden Monk loved to sit near the stones collected from the Mountains Himalayas
my yellow budgie love bird who passed away recently...who has blossomed into a spurt of fragrant blooms in the container where she lies in peace, the Juhi Jasmine plant has suddenly given out awesum fragrant blooms.
Fragrant Juhi blooms
I love these more than the mogra blooms as this fragrance is more soft, soothing and heavenly. The buds are pinkish white when about to bloom. Especially best when they open during evenings, with a cool breeze,  the first fragrances are too good, no words can do justice to the feelings and emotions!Its a surreal, fantasy magical experience!
Jasmine flower buds 

Heavenly fragrance Jasmine Juhi flower plant fully loaded

Champa Frangipani flower close up

Getting arty with my original garden photographs and enjoying the creative processes along with painting some blooms on canvas in acrylics, that I wish for, Blooms of Opulence the garden and plants are always on my mind and my thoughts!
Creative representation of Champa flower from my little space under the sun

So also the roses have been fully loaded with heavy large sized blooms, it feels almost magical, this rainy season, from my little space under the sun!
Roses Heavy Large Sized Fully Loaded from my little space under the sun
Once again thanking you all at Maxposure and especially Neelam!God Bless!
Have a Great Blessed Day from Rizwana!

trujetter of Trujet Airlines March April 2016 Issue , my words- Power of Wall Art

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