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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Garden Umbrella Funky Colorful and Beautiful Garden furniture Parasol Symbolism of Garden Umbrella

Garden Umbrella Garden furniture

Garden Umbrella is one of the most attractive piece of Garden furniture that immediately draws attention on the lush green lawns. While our terrace garden has chipped tiled flooring we still find a need for some shade during hot summers and of course thunder showers in rains.
Garden Umbrellas were usually seen in simple colors ranging from striped blue and red or white and blue, yellow. But with the coming in of digital art and prints colors we see funky and colorful garden umbrellas.

Foldable Garden Umbrellas square shaped

 and then when we had the traditional round shaped garden umbrellas, we now see square, rectangles and abstract shaped garden umbrellas to create more drama and interest in the garden design.

Geometric designs on garden Umbrellas

Beautiful elegant Garden umbrellas
 we do see embroidered lacy, and even frilly borders in garden Umbrella designs. Following the Eight Auspicious symbols in Tibetan Buddhism  the traditional Parasol, umbrella is a symbol for protection from all evil eyes and hardships in life. The Umbrella shelters and protects one from life problems be it health wealth relationships and peace. The dome represents wisdom and the skirt, frilly silk material lace denotes compassion, both essential in life as per Buddhism.
Parasol Designer Garden Umbrella 
In Buddhism this symbol is very important as it represents protection from not only heat but also lust , greed, sufferings, obstacles in path. Then also the spiritual journey of the soul is guided to go over smoothly.
All the Best from Rizwana!
Parasol of My Airavaat
Near My Door Feng Shui

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