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Friday, October 2, 2015

Soil Loosening after rains and Vermillon Red Jade Plant Flowers Beautiful vibrant Red Flowering Stalk in Jade Plant Red Hibiscus Surprrise

Close up of flowering stalk in succulent plants
 Still enjoying the lime lite, from seeing my gardening article in print in Spiceroute in flight magazine of Spice Jet! September issue and if you like more info on vertical gardening check out this post. Wall Gardening Touching The Sky !
Sharing now two beautiful flowering jades. We have had many jades over the years , succulents,  and most of them lost due to over watering or bugs attacks that leave tiny holes in leaves. Succulents flowering ,  two different types of succulents, jade plants that give out bright red colored flowers. the flowers are tiny and grow in bunches on a single stalk. Worth for their showy blooms!
Succulents jade flowering in red 
 They do require some hours of sunlight  and early morning is best. Really great feng shui plants f or the south of your garden as the color is a vibrant beautiful red. Soothing to the eye a lovely red color to give energy to the root chakra.
Vermillon vibrant red tiny flowers

Succulents flowering in red
 The other succulent give out a pinkish red color flowers, and have smaller sized leaves. Like other succulents  they love well draining oil and do need some sunlight and feedings  to flower. They grow fast in rainy season and each leaf gives out tiny cute  little leaves and sends out roots that each grow  into new plants. Over watering kills them! and they are also loved by bugs who eat the fleshy leaves.
Jades succulents red flowers

Jade plant with flowering stalk

Rare plant Red Layered Hibiscus flower 
Meanwhile on my little space under the sun, got a surprise this Ganesh Chaturthi,, on fifth day of the ten day festival, this flower bloomed, I had not even seen the bud come up in heavy rains, after months, the Layered Hibiscus, vermillon red, favorite flower of Lord Ganesha, and that I offered him  this bloom, to our neighbors house where they have the idol every year.
Red Hibiscus flower in bloom
There is lots of heat and we had rains today, and the plants look happy after scorching heat days. The garden looks great , over grown and then calls for attention after every rainy season. the most  hard part is trimming the over grown garden, and loosening the soil. The Allamnda has been trimmed so many times, but looks happy and blesses me with blooms, my loved pets , (blue bird , Boku , and Golden Monk, yellow love bird) lie down here and I just love to see these flowers as if they are communicating with me and happy with me.

 I accidentally trimmed a flowering branch so have stuck it in soil, another new plants comes up and if it does not at least the flower buds open up fully before wilting.
Accidentally trimmed flowers so put the stem in soil again

Allamanda, the ones I trimmed and Trimmed but still happy!
Trust me its the hardest as the soil goes rock solid, hard! its like breaking a rock! Then I also change some soil, exchange it from pots and containers , its just like feng shui , changing places of some furniture, for attracting positive energy,  so that my plants love the fresh energy!
Soil Mother Earth Great  Energy Re potting and Loosening soil
Then there are some who we lose out on due to age, and there are some who are so so happy they need to be trimmed, like our Jasmine, Juhi climber, that over grows always and the ends have buds and flowers so cannot even trim much. Remember Juhi has the bark with tiny invisible scales, thorns so if you brush past the stems it is itchy!ha ha gone through this again!
Juhi Fragrant flowers climber
All the Best from Rizwana!
Happy gardening from my little space under the sun!
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  1. I love the juhi plant and its sweet smell. But having bad luck in making them survive. I bought two times from the plant nursery and they died soon after planting.

  2. Juhi plant dear vasudha is a sensitive plant, once it picks up it grows great. It needs indirect sunlight and support. Next time you buy check the plant with more branches from the main stem and many buds, this indicates the root system is strong. Do not buy single stem of this plant if you are not able to grow this. Am sure this time they will accept you love and care, All the Best from Rizwana!


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