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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Today I Bought a Sick Plant Why I Chose the sick Plant and Zanzibar Gem Plant

Zanzibar Gem , Zamioculcas  Plant
 The fat boy plant, ZZ plant, another few additions to my extended family. The times when there is a lull in my little space under the sun, I think we lost our Gulmohar, this season ...and as health does not favour , I know its time to add some fresh energy, so here I end up again in the plant nurseries! So a few new ones.
The leaves of Zamioculus indoor plant are pinnate, and unusual style of growth, a beautiful sap green on darker side.  The succulent plant grows easily and gives out stalk of blooms. Grown from Rhizome the fat tuber (hence the name fat boy), stores water and can do away with  few  waterings and partial sunlight. The plant is also called eternity plant, or Golden Money plants, So another one for Good Luck! because the plant is strong , survives with very little care and can be grown form a single leaf!!
Today I bought a few sick plants, maybe some karmic influences or connections , as strangely the nursery guy took me to view another plant which I was searching for, (there is always a wish list of exotic ones!) there were a few lying around that caught my eye. He insisted that they will die, and as we have been buying plants since many, oh so many years from this large nursery, he was reluctant to share these, they are already dropping leaves...on verge of giving up...but I purchased the sick plants. I said I will try! the risk is on me! and he knew I would not budge! so we came happily with new life and hope...I know its their business and many die off and only the best sell in hefty prices, how can we give up till the last breath!
Baby soft Pink Periwinkle Plant

Zamioculcus zamiifolia plant

 Saw this beautiful vibrant red Champa plant, Frangipani fragrant flowers come in so many beautiful colors , we have two of the best, yellow shading ones, clicked this from a private garden, and this one is on the wish list!
Red Champa,  Wish List

Red Poinsettia flowering Plants

 Plant Nursery

Colorful Blooms in Plant Nursery

Sick Plants Poinsettia

Leaf Drop in poinsettia Plants
 Over the years I have always chosen healthy plants ( it is another matter that many did not survive with my trail and error!) , beautiful blooming ones, and shared tips for choosing good quality plants  and today somehow with a lot of reluctance bought these, keeping my fingers crossed, had some conversation with these, I really don't know if they will survive or not,...but there is hope...always...never give up... that they may be with us for many years, spring back with love and care, and bless me with Awesum praying for their best!

Sick Bulb, some what mushy 

Root Rot in Bulbs
 Love the soft soothing pinks in periwinkle blooms, and with my art painting some flowers, and Hand painted the pair of Chinese Bamboo Good Luck plants, with my favourite symbol Good luck in green. Digitally enhanced the photo and wow! Amazingly beautiful purple  magical fantasy!
 please pray my sick plants recover soon and bless me!
All the Best from Rizwana, from my little space under the sun!
completed writing a small ebook, on how many greens inside your home space, feng shui perspective tips, published it, My latest ebook is available on Amazon Kindle, Check 11, Feng Shui guidelines for keeping a check on your greens indoor.
Hand painted Pots of  Good Luck Bamboo plants

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