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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Betel leaf Pan Climber and My Lovely New Extended Family and How to Grow New Hibiscus Plant from Cuttings

Betel Leaf Paan climber
Betel leaf, commonly known as Paan in Hindi, Pan in Bengali, Tambula and Nagavalli in Sanskrit, Tanbul in Persian. Betel leaf, paan is used as mouth freshener but known to stain teeth by regular consumption. Piper betel is the leaf of a vine, it includes pepper and kava. Not only eaten the leaves of Paan are used in many auspicious traditional ceremonies.
It is consumed by adding Areca nut, slaked lime, cardamom, saffron, cloves, fennel seeds, turmeric, aniseed, and sweeteners with tobacco according to preferences.
Have been fascinated by the wrapping techniques and the chewing sessions which were symbolic and a great respect for guests after meals. And of course the traditions of giving any offering of gift with this symbolic leaf under neath.
Requires partial sunlight and well draining yet wet soil and good support as it grows great in hanging baskets. But lots of protection from bird friends they  love this!
Good Quality Betel leaf climber

Close up of Betel  Leaf Plant
 Some of the new additions to our family look happy and keeping my fingers crossed for the sick ones  I bought recently , that they spring back to life!
Some New Additions to the Family

The Sick plant Poinsettia

Bulb of lilly

Chinese Rose plants
How to grow from Cuttings-
till date I have not been able to successfully grow from cuttings many plants Tried my hand on roses but they did not grow healthy and lost them. Then we have the Rubber plant and The Anant, Cup and Saucer, Heavenly blooms that has taken well from cuttings. Just that it took nearly a year to grow healthy, slow growth. Now trying on hibiscus plants and they look good.
1) Choose thick stem that has many tiny branches and leaves on it, this give the plant time to begin new life till the old leaves on its cutting of stem shed. 
2) Now this one is tricky, some plants love rains and sprout fast but from my personal experiences over the years I prefer winters.  
3) Choose partially shaded and some indirect  sunlight spot.
4) I know it feels strange , request the plant for its cutting and then cut the stem, otherwise it will not grow. 
5) Again keep your heart  strong and slit the base with scissors into tiny partings, it feels bad but this helps a lot, smash lightly the base of the stem, This makes the new plant root faster. people add root hormone and fertilizers but I have never gone this way as  a rich healthy soil is enough along with right water and sunlight for new plant from cuttings. 
Grow Plant from Cuttings
6) protect from birds and pests and pets and please please don't do like I used to do---- keep checking the new plant if it has come up with roots! and if it is alive or dead. New plant takes time, I have seen even months to start . keep caring and watering and as long as the stem looks wet and not dried hollow there are chances it has accepted your love!
7) When the new plant has grown a bit and looks adjusted then add fertilizers diluted in water.
Specially posted this as the festival season is on and when you receive roses and other flowers as gifts try this out! it works most of the times! and if you are in process of house cleaning , purify your house, check out my article in Spice Jet's Inflight magazine on House Cleaning the Feng Shui Way!
Hibiscus From Cuttings
Meanwhile have transplanted the Rare layered Hibiscus plant this time as the plant is not available everywhere and the cuttings go waste after the rainy season. Now the wait begins ... waiting for the new life.
All the Best from Rizwana!


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    This is a great post, very interesting points and I have enjoyed immeasurably. Lots of thanks!

    1. Thank you very much Callum Smith for the encouraging comment and liking my post! All the Best from Rizwana!


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