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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Silver Jade A Beautiful Succulent Feng Shui Plant for Good Luck

Silver Jade from my little space under the sun
Silver Jade A Beautiful Succulent Plant for Good Luck. A great fleshy succulent for north and northwest sectors as it is silvery grey in color and stores water the silver jade requires very little care and multiples fast.
The silver jade plant grows from leaves and a single leaf can give out new plant.
This is a great feng shui plant for attracting good luck, career and wealth luck.
The plant loves well draining soil and does require timely watering, just like other succulents, the roots rot in mushy soil. The roots of silver jade do not goo deep hence it easily grows sideways and covers the whole pot giving out  new roots from the existing plant.
Color of your silver jade, It again depends upon the amount of sunlight and you see the leaves almost green or a lovely silvery gray color. I have in in indirect sunlight and it loves the space under the sun!
A pair of silver jades are great for your garden.
Still remembering Goldie whenever I make yellow khichdi... my Golden Monk loved this..
Meanwhile at our little space under the sun, there is still a burst of colors show going on with Allamanda and fragrant juhi blooms.
Fragrant Jasmine Juhi Blooms

Buds of Fragrant white Jessamine blooms
The Peach colored canna flowers did surprise me and now the vibrant vermillon red ones on stage!Rains and showers with thundering still on, maybe the last few ones remaining from this Awesum Rainy season,  for me to enjoy! I get a breather time, rest from daily watering my N number of plants in my little space under the sun!
All the Best from Rizwana!

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