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Monday, September 7, 2015

Best Sized Roses Rose garden in Ooty Fragrant and Largest Size roses

Large Sized Rose Flowers Ooty
 The Rose Garden Ooty is one of the largest I have seen in rose plants. Varieties, colors and large expanses of fragrant majestic roses. The sizes varied from a few inches in fragrant bushes to large sized plants having blooms as the size of my face!
Rose Garden Hill  Station  Ooty
 What I noticed was the soil was a mixture of cowdung and fertilizers and was a reddish one grainy texture. The climate in Ooty is best for flowering plants and hence we see blooms all year round, still the best time to visit Ooty is in summers when the vibrant colored blooms are in full swing! Every plant has flowers and even the foliage plants are fresh and healthy, think it has to do with the temperatures,  sunlight and cooler temperatures in Ooty.
Best Large Sized Roses in Ooty
Rose Garden Ooty

Rose garden Ooty

Large Sized roses Rose garden Ooty
Enjoy and All the Best from Rizwana!
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