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Feeding Alexandrine Parakeet Important Care Guide and Food Tips Strong Rubber Plant

Alexandrine parakeets , the lovely birds who rule the sky, have long span of feathers and love to fly very very high, another welcome guest , am still so very busy, hands are full with pets, this one was found stranded  at a home , no one to care, now after care has become more confident and healthy, hope  to let him soon to live independently by God's wish.
The hope still never dies, as I was called upon by next building people, we have found your pet parakeet!!!no this was not ours but they insisted we bring this one home, as he had not had food for two days and sat quietly not budging from their home, so began the life journey with another pet, bathing , cleaning and trying out various foods, he loved when he is fed by hand.
They learn to imitate your sounds and are very good learners.  A very good companion pet except for the loud calls in early morning and evenings. If you learn to ignore these calls they stop, but till then you have to keep your heart strong as the sounds a…