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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Feeding Alexandrine Parakeet Important Care Guide and Food Tips Strong Rubber Plant

Alexandrine Parakeet Pet Food
Alexandrine parakeets , the lovely birds who rule the sky, have long span of feathers and love to fly very very high, another welcome guest , am still so very busy, hands are full with pets, this one was found stranded  at a home , no one to care, now after care has become more confident and healthy, hope  to let him soon to live independently by God's wish.
The hope still never dies, as I was called upon by next building people, we have found your pet parakeet!!!no this was not ours but they insisted we bring this one home, as he had not had food for two days and sat quietly not budging from their home, so began the life journey with another pet, bathing , cleaning and trying out various foods, he loved when he is fed by hand.
They learn to imitate your sounds and are very good learners.  A very good companion pet except for the loud calls in early morning and evenings. If you learn to ignore these calls they stop, but till then you have to keep your heart strong as the sounds are quiet shrill and loud. Alexandrine parakeets are not for those who love quiet, I don't   know why God selected me! must be a part of the bigger plan!
While our parakeet wold fly and come for food after few hours everyday and then at sunset to sleep, this one is not willing to come on our hand  , finger or rod still.
Grooming Cleaning Self Alexandrine parakeet Ali
After letting him fly in the house, trying to guide him to focus, he falls down every time he  flies,  Left him free yesterday, he flew very very high, took four to five rounds of the surrounding buildings and then sat on the top of the highest building. parakeets love to select the highest perch always, they feel safe. he answers to my whistles and tried very hard but could not land on the terrace due to strong winds, so my son had to bring him physically home.
as of now he looks  a bit confident after ten days, daily exercise of flying indoors, in protected environment, soon will try again to let him out and then he will be free, if he chooses to come to us or live at any place.
Alexandrine parakeet food care tips,  of the years of experience Parakeets love nuts, almonds and dry fruits, as  they live originally in mountainous regions, we have taken over (by constructing towers), they also love to fly at heights.  Some enjoy showering as our parakeet mitthin used to enjoy the rains,
Parakeets also love to eat a variety of foods, try out what your pet loves, fried rice, khichdi, noodles, dals, favorite are sunflower pellets from pet shops,. Always give freshly cut fruits like apples, oranges, sweet lime, papaya, banana, they sometimes also love to share your sip of tea or milk.Biscuits like glucose, marie and salted ones also can be given sometime.
I have heard they eat green chillies but this one and our previous parakeet did not eat chillies so we don't give them these. fresh leafy vegetables and other vegges like gavar , sweet peas, french beans all pods they love to eat.
Alexandrine parakeets also sometimes enjoy gem sweets but give in very less amount only once when they are irritated or low as  I have read sweets and chocolates are not good for your pet.
The trick is to give different food and maintain a healthy diet. Rods of wood, wooden toys, we brought a perch of wood from a tree branch to keep him as comfortable as in nature, but remember to use wood that is harmless and edible to your pet. He loves to nibble on pens and stones. I don't know whether the next time I write we  may have him or  he may have left us to live on own, feels like a small baby being taught to survive, God's wish  , hooping for the best for him!
Rubber Plant feng Shui  Stability Plant

With the strength of rubber plant  , we had one years old which died recently, this new one has picked up well in rains. Rubber plants are considered symbols of strength and stability. A very good feng shui plant to bring energy of stability and strength when planted int he garden or home.
When planting rubber plant remember to have a bigger larger pot as the roots of this grow fast and the plant may need space as also the leaves are quite large and oval shaped.
Close up of thick Oval shaped Rubber Plant leaf

Beautiful oval shaped glossy leaves are a highlight among plants as rubber plant also lives for many years and requires very less care. The new leaves on rubber plant are red maroon in color and grow as from centre. The rubber plant grows tall and when you need to have a thicker growth i is better to trim off the weak tall stem to encourage growth of rubber plant from sides.

Fresh New Leaves on Rubber Plant

Loving Foods for Alexandrines Dry Fruits

Meanwhile as I write the guy is repeating mitthu , mitthu as  he had been fed and now preparing for a nap. Alexandrines are very intelligent pets and take to the one person who they are cared from, he allows me to stroke his head, and does not bite,  unlike mitthin who i cared for for years, with selfless dedication,  but she would not allow me to touch her head!
(Alexandrines are a rare species and it is illegal to put them in cages and there is a ban on their sale, very sad to say, we see many pet shops keeping these beautiful birds in unhygienic conditions with limited food,  and small cages,  hope God helps them!)
All the Best from Rizwana!
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  1. while I have left him free, he looked healthy and with flying in the house training, he also looked confident, am very very sad, hope he comes back.

  2. This article is very informative and cool. Thanks for share this beautiful article.
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  3. Thank you Julia for the lovely comment Welcome to Garden care Simplified! I still miss the parakeets...
    Take Care and God Bless!


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