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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rare Flowering of Agave Plant White Flowering Stem on Agave Plant

Rare plants, agave plants though seen in many landscape designs and usually found in rock gardens have very beautiful flowers. There are many types of agaves found, each variety have different shaped unique flower.
Agave Plant spiky leaves

Flowering Stem on Agave Plant

Angelic White Flowers on rare flowering of Agave Plant
Agave plants grown for their different look are usually used as  corner  or centre plants where  there is less traffic, not many people walk close to the plant. As I had parted with many types of agave plants few years back due to the thorn spiky leaves, very sharp and dangerous, nevertheless the plant has beautiful flowering stem this season and it is definitely unique and rare.
It is believed that the agaves normally flower after many years and it  is a are sight to see one flower. Agave plants have thorny spiky leaves and usually landscape designers  plant these in rock gardens as  they do not require much care and watering.
Agave plants,  have a variety of leaves, in many shades of green , usually greyish green colored leaves. Some small plants have spiky leaves and the larger ones grow huge leaves all growing as in central arrangement, that is the plant grows from centre and leaves keep spreading in central growth.
The most important agave plant care is about the trimming and handling part. The leaves are absolutely quite sharp and pointed and when pricked accidentally may lead to infection and mild swelling.
In case of any pricking while handling or trimming do clean immediately with soap and water and apply antiseptic cream to avoid infections. Another part which needs a   thought is the agaves need to be planted in such areas where you do not accidentally brush up near the leaves as they will tear your clothes sharp, and you may also get a scratch, and  hurt.
One of the reasons why this is not a good feng shui plant is that the plant with its sharp leaves emits strong dangerous negative energy, shar, poison arrows in all directions for the viewer and is dangerous to view from close. Nevertheless the beauty  of agave flowers  is enchanting especially to view the rare flowering.
Planting tips for agave plants - With pets and children around prefer to avoid these plants and they are best grown in very big gardens as back garden plants in a rocky garden landscape design as the huge rocks blend well and also cover the foliage of the sharp leaves of this plant.
Other varieties of agaves have elongated leaves with spiky thorny edges of light green, dark green and shaded colored leaves. Usually flowering comes after many years, and may depend upon the growth age of the plant
Beautiful Erect While Flowering Stem on Agave
This agave plant has grown quite well with its older leaves at lower level drying off as the plant increases in size taller and brings in new leaves  from the centre. As this is grown in centre of the pool it is quite protected from children and pets. The agave plant has taken care of itself only for the watering and produced a beautiful stem of white flowers this rainy season. The  erect stem coming from within the plant just like any lily plant flowering stem has a bunch of flowers and it is fully loaded with pure angelic white  flowers.
The flower buds appear on the stem looking almost similar to rajni gandha plant tube roses  stem and open in similar fashion, except there is nothing to beat the fragrance of tube roses rajni gandha flowers!.

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