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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Color Changing Green Pink Leaves Magical Abelia Mardi Grass

Abelia Mardi grass Light Green Leaves
 Color changing leaves plant, magical, almost. Abelia Mardi Grass I think is the name of this ornamental plant that changes color of its leaves on exposure to sunlight. There are a variety of plants that have pink foliage and change color on exposure to the amount of sunlight.
Color Changing Leaves Plant Abelia Mardi grass
 The pink color gradually develops from the original lime green leaves and looks coppery tinted pink.
Magical color changing plant
 The original plant is of a shade of lime green with spots, speckled of dark green. The plant itself looks quite beautiful with its bright foliage and when the leaves change color it is quite a beauty among the garden greens. So if you are finding it difficult to have flowering plants , with all the care this is the easiest growing plant with the lovely pink colored leaves.
Spotted Leaves of ornamental plant
 Care of Abelia mardi grass , pink colored leaves ornamental plant- Watering needs to be regular but not over watering and the plant grows well in a well draining soil. The plant when over watered drowns and dies off . There is also one more thing to remember , avoid planting this with other plants that are prone to pest attacks or bugs and bees, the caterpillars love this. 
leaves color changing to pink  ornamental plant
 This is a beautiful plant to add color to your garden as in from of borders or centre arrangement in landscapes. As with the coppery pink and green leaves this ornamental plant fulfills the gap to add flowering plants to color your garden.
With the Chinese  Evergreen of lime green fresh color, coppery leaves plant, purple heart, this is another one adding to the foliage color. these plants are better to keep color in the garden all year round as  flowering plants only give seasonal color to our garden.
Beautiful pink leaves ornamental plant
Thank You!
Rizwana Mundewadi's Healing Art

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